Room 1


The physics workshop

Room 1 reproduces the typical environment of a Ducati Service workshop.
There are 5 interactive stations inside the room which introduce the basic force, friction, impact and spring concepts of physics, using simple and intuitive procedures.

The fundamental objective of Room 1 is to stimulate curiosity and questions - we want to encourage students to discover, through experience and observation, explanations of various phenomena that occur.

The 5 workstations:

The first laboratory workstation is dedicated entirely to moment, torque.
It contains various experiments such as the "torque wrench", where there are spanners of different lengths and a threaded board.
The strength in our arm is the same, but by using different spanners we get different results, until the screw breaks inside the board. Why?

The students use a pneumatic screwdriver, like those available along the assembly line, to screw a clutch to the crankcase and observe the forces that occur.
What happens? What forces are applied to the hand? What similar phenomena occur in our normal daily lives? We will also study how various types of material behave under impact.

The wheel on a racing bike rotates around its shaft, but what helps to reduce friction to a minimum?
How can we decrease losses in power and exploit all the engine power output? We take a real-life pit stop to discover the world of friction.

A Desmo heart beats inside every Ducati, but what is the Desmodromic system exactly? What physics principles does it use?
How does it differ from the traditional timing system?

Two seats with a racing look, sustained by two different spring systems.
Jumping onto the seats everyone incredibly reaches the same frequency. Is it magic or are we using physics principles without realizing it? And if so, which?

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