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GP Replica

The racing atmosphere and the fast rhythm marks the video dedicated to the GP Replica collection. It is the celebration of values that have always characterized Ducati, communicated through symbols and graphic images associated with competition, technology, strength and progress. An artistic interpretation of the racing world and competitive spirit that harks back to the sport and technological inventions of the first half of the twentieth century. A time when competitive spirit had high emotional value and was linked to the athletes' skill. A race used to be a personal challenge and an attempt to push human boundaries through courage and technology. This retro style brings the world of contemporary racing back to the deepest nature of competition: the one in which first and foremost the enthralling sport personalities of the riders and their mechanics used to emerge.
The three episodes reflect the concepts that inspired the Ducati designers in creating the Monster Art Collections.
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The typically vintage editing dedicated to Logomania has an entirely different flavour. Handcrafted devices, created by mixing fascinating machinery and simple objects together, were set in motion so as to recount the graphics of the collection. A remarkable achievement that kept the makers of the movie busy for several days, giving Ducati fans a video clip bound to become a cult video.
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Colour Therapy

A riot of colours that mix into each other, alternate and invade the field of vision on the notes of Vivaldi's symphony. Colour Therapy describes the pursuit that in every moment compels us towards different chromatic chords because, as everyone knows, colours follow the change of emotions. The video encourages you to seek your own distinctive look and to explore your feelings by expressing them through shades of colours.
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