Monster Mania

The world’s best-loved naked bike has been a true lifestyle and a design icon for 20 years!
The Monster has been a way of life, a way of standing out from the crowd, for 20 years .

To celebrate the bike that revolutionised the world of biking, Ducati is bringing back the style and personality of the original version, combined with latest generation performance, in the special 20th Anniversary series. Discover it now!

And that's not all: more than 250,000 fans have made it a timeless icon, and behind every Monster, ridden, loved or only dreamed of, there's a story waiting to be told. This is the reason for Monster Tales, an online space for sharing your passion through stories, pictures and videos and discovering all the surprises Ducati has in store for you and your Monster!

Monster also means customisation, and who could be better qualified than Ducati to offer you everything you're looking for : from exclusive Monster Art covers (contact your nearest dealer to find out more) to the vast range of accessories you can view installed on your bike using the online configurator tool.

20 years of the Monster: the bike that continues to make history.