Ducati Adventures Tasmania

Route 1

This overnight route north of Hobart explores some of Tasmania’s most iconic spots, including the Coal River Valley, Freycinet National Park and the Central Highlands. A night’s stay at Coles Bay is included in your schedule.

Ride a mixture of easy coastal roads and twisting hill climbs, plus some fun dirt roads through famous nature preserves. Curated stops at panoramic lookouts show off the best views in Tasmania, with breaks for meals and nature walks along the way. 

Also included are accommodation suggestions for a special night at Coles Bay; experience the breathtaking beauty of Saffire Freycinet, or the elegance of Freycinet Lodge.

Discover more highlights of your adventure below.

What to expect on Day 1

Morning: Hobart to Orford via Richmond

Start your adventure with a lap around Mount Faulkner, then across the River Derwent and along the scenic East Derwent Highway on your way into the Coal River Valley. Stop off at Littlewood Berry Farm for coffee and fresh berries, then check out 1820s Hobart at Old Hobart Town, and see the historic bridge in the beautiful town of Richmond. 

After Richmond, weave through forest and bushland on the Tasman Highway before venturing onto Wielangta Road for some dirt trail riding. Take a walk at Sandspit River Forest Reserve, or enjoy amazing views from Thumbs Lookout a little further along the road. 

For lunch, enjoy a casual meal overlooking Prosser Bay in one of Orford’s seaside cafes.

Afternoon: Orford to Coles Bay via Swansea

After lunch, continue on the Tasman Highway as it passes through Douglas-Apsley National Park, and stop off at Spikey Beach for a refreshing walk and sweeping ocean views. Grab an ice cream in Swansea at Kate’s Berry Farm, then ride onwards to Coles Bay, with a lookout at Devil’s Corner Scenic Farm along the way. 

For an unforgettable night in Coles Bay, indulge yourself at the incredible Saffire Freycinet with a spa and an amazing meal at Palate restaurant, or unwind at Freycinet Lodge and get lost in the views across Great Oyster Bay.

Day 1: Hobart to Coles Bay

Ride through the Coal River Valley, kick up some dirt on the back roads of Wielangta Forest Reserve, then ride up the eastern coastline for a luxurious night at Coles Bay, the gateway to Freycinet National Park.

Suggested Schedule (280km | 4h30m ride, 6h30m day)

0900-1015 Section 1

1015-1045 Morning Tea

1045-1230 Section 2 (off-road sections)

1230-1330 Lunch

1330-1415 Section 3

1415-1445 Afternoon Tea

1445-1530 Section 4

Stop 1: Morning Tea, Richmond
  • Czegs' Café (open everyday, 0800-1630)

Website | 03 6260 2252

46 Bridge St, Richmond TAS 7025

  • Wattlebanks (open Thu-Mon, 1000-1600)

Website | 03 6169 1121

27 Bridge St, Richmond TAS 7025

  • Ashmore on Bridge Street (open everyday, 0830-1630)

Website | 03 6260 2238

34 Bridge St, Richmond TAS 7025

Stop 2: Lunch, Orford
  • Spring Bay Restaurant & Café (open everyday, 1200-1400)

Website | 03 6257 1172

1 Louisville Rd, Orford TAS 7190

  • Orford Cafe Diner (open everyday, 1630-1700)

Website | 03 6257 1481

44 Tasman Hwy, Orford TAS 7190

  • Scorchers on Prosser (open Wed-Sun, 1000-1400)

Website | 03 6257 1033

1 Esplanade, Orford TAS 7190

Stop 3: Afternoon Tea, Swansea
  • Kate's Berry Farm (open everyday, 0930-1530)

Website | 03 6257 8428

12 Addison St, Swansea TAS 7190

  • Tellers Gallery – Coffee & Wine (open Thu-Sun, 1400-2000)

Website | 0439 481 001

7 Maria St, Swansea TAS 7190

  • Artifakt Gallery & Café (open Mon-Sat, 0900-1600)

Website | 03 6257 9095

26 Franklin St, Swansea TAS 7190

Stop 4: Overnight, Coles Bay


  • Saffire Freycinet (5*) 

Website | 03 6256 7888

2352 Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215

  • Freycinet Lodge (4*)

Website | 03 6256 7222

Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215


  • Palate (@ Saffire, in house guests only) (open everyday, 1800-2100)

Website | 03 6256 7888

2352 Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215

  • The Bay (@ Freycinet Lodge) (open everyday, 1800-2100)

Website | 03 6256 7222

Freycinet National Park, Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay TAS 7215

What to expect on day 2

Morning: Coles Bay to Campbell Town via St Marys

Get started early on day two for a short hike to Wineglass Bay Lookout for the stunning panorama of Freycinet National Park. Then ride out of Coles Bay and up to Bicheno Blowhole to marvel at the powerful jets of water erupting from the rocks.

Afterwards, enjoy a meandering ride up the coast through Douglas-Apsley before heading inland at Chain of Lagoons for a thrilling hill climb to St Marys. Recharge with morning tea, then ride the awesome back roads in the forest reserves of Pepper Hill and Sawpit Ridge, above Fingal. Head back onto the main highway at Avoca, then ride to Campbell Town to enjoy a relaxed lunch and wander through the historic township.

Afternoon: Campbell Town to Hobart via Poatina

Your scenic run home to Hobart kicks off with a ride on sweeping country roads, before carving your way through the Central Plateau. At Poatina Road Lookout, pull over for magnificent views of the Great Western Tiers and the valleys below.

Continue on Poatina Road for a beautiful ride through the Great Lake Conservation Area, then through the tumbling grassy hills on the Highland Lakes Road to Bothwell. Pause for a pit stop here, then enjoy an easy cruise home through the lake districts and rural villages north of Hobart.

Day 2: Coles Bay to Hobart

Take a morning hike in the famous Freycinet National Park, have lunch at Campbell Town, then finish with an epic ride through the Central Highlands before cruising home through the lower lake districts.

Suggested Schedule (400km | 5h15m ride, 7h30m day)

0930-1030 Section 1

1030-1100 Morning Tea

1100-1230 Section 2 (off-road sections)

1230-1330 Lunch

1330-1415 Section 3

1415-1445 Afternoon Tea

1445-1545 Section 4

1545-1600 Afternoon Tea

1600-1700 Section 5

Stop 1: Morning Tea, St Marys
  • Purple Possum Wholefoods & Café (open Mon-Sat, 1000-1600)

Website | 03 6372 2655

5 Story St, St Marys TAS 7215

  • A Mans Cave Giftware & The Bank Tea House (open Mon-Sat, 1000-1600)

Website | 0497 096 130

26 Main St, St Marys TAS 7215

  • St Marys Coach House Restaurant (open everyday, 0800-1800)

Website | 03 6372 2529

34 Main St, St Marys TAS 7215

Stop 2: Lunch, Campbell Town
  • Zeps (open everyday, 0800-1800)

Website | 03 6381 1344

92 High St, Campbell Town TAS 7210

  • JJ's Café (open everyday, 0700-1700)

Website | 03 6381 1672

118 High St, Campbell Town TAS 7210

  • Cafe 100 (open Wed-Sun, 0900-1700)

Website | 03 6381 1107

110 High St, Campbell Town TAS 7210

Stop 3: Afternoon Tea, Poatina
  • Tiers Tea House (open Sat-Sun, 1000-1600)

Website | 0448 867 186

Shop 2, East Wing, The Village Green, Poatina TAS 7302

Stop 4: Rest Stop, Bothwell
  • Nant Distillery (open Sat-Sun, 1000-1600)

Website | 03 6111 6110

254 Nant Lane, Bothwell Tasmania 7030

  • Bothwell Super Store (open everyday, 0700-1900)

Website | 03 6259 5508

18 Patrick St, Bothwell TAS 7030  

Route 2

This two-day route is an unforgettable loop through north-western Tasmania, including lunch in the West Coast Range’s historic gold mining valleys, a night at Cradle Mountain, and an amazing ride through the Central Plateau.

A mixture of focussed alpine roads, and easy roads through the sweeping lake districts make this a diverse ride that will both challenge and delight you. Abundant photo opportunities and scenic walks are also included.

A selection of boutique lodges are on offer for your overnight stay in Cradle Mountain, so you can dine and unwind in comfort after your incredible alpine ride.

Discover more highlights of your adventure below.

What to expect on Day 1

Morning: Hobart to Queenstown via Tarraleah

Kick off your Cradle Mountain adventure by cruising along the riverbank to New Norfolk and the lookout at Peppermint Hill, then cross over the River Derwent and ride to Tarraleah for coffee and dramatic views across the gorge.

After Tarraleah, ride along the Lyell Highway as it weaves past forests, lakes and lagoons and up into the highlands. Take a pitstop at The Wall to see incredible artworks and sculptures, then ride through the ghost towns of Linda Valley and into the West Coast Range. 

Be sure to stop at Gormanston’s Iron Blow Lookout for spectacular views of the mining-ravaged valley. Descend into the valley on a breathtaking road, and break for lunch in historic Queenstown, Western Tassie’s diamond in the rough.

Afternoon: Queenstown to Cradle Mountain via Tullah

Your exciting afternoon ride to Cradle Mountain begins on the Zeehan Highway and Anthony Road, as you venture into Mount Murchison Regional Reserve, in the heart of Tasmania’s most rugged rocky landscapes. 

Take your afternoon break at Tullah before the final ride of the day to Cradle Mountain. Enjoy views across the lake from Mackintosh Dam, then ride through stunning alpine forests on the Murchison Highway and Belvoir Road. 

Your base for the night is Cradle Mountain, where a night in one of the boutique lodges overlooking the lake means dinner with a view and a great night’s sleep.

Adventure lovers may consider extending their trip in order to experience a thrilling day exploring Cradle Mountain Canyons.

Day 1: Hobart to Cradle Mountain

Ride through the rugged West Coast Range, have lunch in the historic mining town of Queenstown, and enjoy a night in the mountains at one of Cradle Mountain’s plush lakeside lodges.

Suggested Schedule (380km | 5h00m ride, 7h00m day)

0900-1045 Section 1 (off-road sections)

1045-1115 Morning Tea

1115-1300 Section 2 (off-road sections)

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1445 Section 3 (off-road sections)

1445-1515 Afternoon Tea

1515-1600 Section 4 (off-road sections) 

Stop 1: Morning Tea, Tarraleah
  • The Highlander Arms Tarraleah Estate (open everyday, 0800-1500)

Website | 03 6289 0111

Main Square, 25 Oldina Dr, Tarraleah TAS 7140 

Stop 2: Lunch, Queenstown
  • Serenada (open everyday, 0730-1600)

Website | 0458 712 199

40/42 Orr St, Queenstown TAS 7467

  • Tracks (open everyday, 0730-1530)

Website | 03 6471 0115

1 Driffield St, Queenstown TAS 7467

  • Thai restaurant (open Fri-Sun, 1200-1430)

Website | 03 6444 5022

39 Orr St, Queenstown TAS 7467 

Stop 3: Afternoon Tea, Tullah
  • Tullah Cottage Café (open everyday, 0800-1700)

Website | 0423 286 056

21 Peters St, Tullah TAS 7321

  • Tullah Café (open Mon-Fri, 0530-1500)

Website | 03 6473 4377

30 Farrell St, Tullah TAS 7321 

Stop 4: Overnight, Cradle Mountain


  • Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge (4*) 

Website | 1300 092 876

4038 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306

  • Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village (4*)

Website | 03 6492 1500

3816 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306

  • Cradle Mountain Hotel (4*)

Website | 03 6492 1404

3718 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS 7310


  • Highland Restaurant (@ Peppers) (open everyday, 1200-2030)

Website | 1300 092 876

4038 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306

  • Hellyers Restaurant (@ Wilderness Village) (open everyday, 1800-2100)

Website | 03 6492 1500

3816 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS 7306

Altitude Restaurant (@ Cradle Mountain Hotel) (open everyday, 1500-2030)

Website | 03 6492 1404

3718 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain TAS 7310 

What to expect on Day 2

Morning: Cradle Mountain to Westbury via Deloraine

Day two of your Central Highlands adventure begins with an invigorating ride on Cradle Mountain Road, flanked by thickets and babbling creeks. Near Moina, stunning waterfalls can be found at Bridal Veil Falls or nearby Champagne Falls.

Enjoy some exhilarating road sections around Cethana, and head down a forest laneway to see the amazing rock formations in King Solomons Cave, before cruising to Deloraine for morning tea on the banks of the Meander River. 

Head north to check out some iconic foodie spots; the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe, and the Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory, then ride back down through idyllic nature preserves to Westbury, to enjoy a relaxing lunch.

Afternoon: Westbury to Hobart via Miena

Your ride home to Hobart cuts an epic line through the Central Plateau, as you ride through Golden Valley and up and over the mountain to the Great Lakes Lookout. Pause here for a breathtaking panorama of the mountains fading into the distance, then ride to Miena, savouring the alpine landscapes along the way.

Take a break at Miena for a rest and afternoon tea, then cruise home to Hobart via the country roads in the Southern Midlands for the perfect finish to an epic ride. 

Day 2: Cradle Mountain to Hobart

Ride some of Tasmania's best high country roads, enjoy lunch in Westbury, then ride up and over the Central Plateau and down into the lower lake districts.

Suggested Schedule (400km | 5h30m ride, 7h30m day)

0930-1100 Section 1 (off-road sections)

1100-1130 Morning Tea

1130-1245 Section 2

1245-1345 Lunch

1345-1445 Section 3 (off-road sections)

1445-1515 Afternoon Tea

1515-1700 Section 4 

Stop 1: Morning Tea, Deloraine
  • Deloraine Deli (open everyday, 1000-1600)

Website | 03 6362 2127

81 Emu Bay Rd, Deloraine TAS 7304

  • Mumma Buzz Cafe 'N' Takeaway (open everyday, 0700-1500)

Website | 0400 259 663

38/40 Emu Bay Rd, Deloraine TAS 7304

  • Found in Earth - Deloraine Floristry (open Mon-Sat, 0930-1700)

Website | 03 6362 2144

29 W Church St, Deloraine TAS 7304

Stop 2: Lunch, Westbury
  • Green Door (open Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun, 1000-1500)

Website | 0491 270 959

47 William St, Westbury TAS 7303

  • Hub Café (open everyday, 0800-1500)

Website | 03 6393 2249

43 Meander Valley Rd, Westbury TAS 7303

  • Verde (open Tue-Sun, 0830-1500)

62 Website | 0448 861 991

Meander Valley Rd, Westbury TAS 7303

Westbury Maze and Tea Room (open Sat-Sun, 1000-1500)

Website | 0408 315 611

10 Meander Valley Rd, Westbury TAS 7303 

Stop 3: Afternoon Tea, Miena
  • Great Lake Hotel (open everyday, 1000-2100)

Website | 03 6236 4000

3096 Marlborough Hwy, Miena TAS 7030

Route 3

Explore the best of north-eastern Tasmania on this day route, as you ride through idyllic farmlands, scenic coast, and alpine forest. Enjoy lunch in St Helens, then ride home through the winding roads of Ben Lomond National Park.

This route includes sweeping lowland roads, relaxed coastal cruising and thrilling high country roads, with some easy unsealed road sections in the afternoon letting you put the Multistrada V4 through its paces.

Savour your day with regular scenic stops at beautiful lookouts, a seaside lunch at St Helens, and morning and afternoon breaks that complete the perfect day. 

Discover more highlights of your adventure below.

What to expect on this route

Morning: Launceston to St Helens via Derby

Start your journey by riding up the Tasman Highway towards Scottsdale, and enjoy a fun set of twists and turns in the lead up to The Sideling Lookout. Pause here for sweeping views across lush green pastures and tumbling valleys, then ride through Scottsdale and the rustic back roads of Dorset before taking your morning break at Derby.

A little further along the route, we recommend stopping for a short walk through the leafy ferns and towering myrtles of Weldborough Pass Rainforest Walk. On the edge of Goulds Country, a quick detour reveals the stunning cascade at Halls Falls. 

Head to the coast for lunch, where you can dine on freshly caught seafood in one of St Helens’ seaside restaurants.

Afternoon: St Helens to Launceston via St Marys

A beautiful afternoon route takes you down the eastern coastline, through laid-back beach towns at Beaumaris and Scamander and onwards to the scenic lookout at Four Mile Creek. We recommend a pitstop here for a panoramic photo of the bay.

At Chain of Lagoons, turn inland to ride Elephant Pass Road through the heritage forest reserves and up to St Marys. Take a coffee break here before riding the Esk Highway through the Fingal valley. 

From Fingal, follow a meandering route along Mathinna Road to Ben Lomond National Park, and enjoy some easy gravel road riding around the Upper Esk region before cruising home to Launceston.


Cruise out to the east coast on the Tasman Highway, enjoy lunch at St Helens, then take an exciting route home on the highland roads around the Upper Esk and Ben Lomond National Park.

Suggested Schedule (350km | 5h00m ride, 7h30m day)

0900-1015 Section 1 

1015-1045 Morning Tea

1045-1145 Section 2

1145-1315 Lunch

1315-1415 Section 3

1415-1445 Afternoon Tea

1445-1630 Section 4 

Stop 1: Morning Tea, Derby
  • Two Doors Down Café (open everyday, 0800-1500)

No Website | 0488 463 333

55 Main St, Derby TAS 7264

  • Crank It Café (open everyday, 1000-1500)

Website | 0458 364 546

55 Main St, Derby TAS 7264 

Stop 2: Lunch, St Helens


  • The Wharf Bar & Kitchen (open everyday, 1200-2100)

Website | 03 6321 9108

1 Marina Parade, St Helens TAS 7216

  • Skippers (open everyday, 1130-1900)

Website | 0418 789 883

1 Marina Parade, St Helens TAS 7216

  • Meresta Eatery (open Wed-Sun, 1000-1430)

Website | 03 6376 8086

Main Rd, Binalong Bay TAS 7216 

Stop 3: Afternoon Tea, St Marys
  • Purple Possum Wholefoods & Café (open Mon-Sat, 1000-1600)

Website | 03 6372 2655

5 Story St, St Marys TAS 721

  • A Mans Cave Giftware & The Bank Tea House (open Mon-Sat, 1000-1600)

Website | 0497 096 130

26 Main St, St Marys TAS 7215

  • St Marys Coach House Restaurant (open everyday, 0800-1800)

Website | 03 6372 2529

34 Main St, St Marys TAS 7215 

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