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Factory Ever Red

Factory Ever Red is Ducati’s official extension available for purchase within 30 days from buying a motorbike, suitable to be included in the financial plan.

Thanks to Factory Ever Red it is possible to extend the warranty period by 12 or 24 months in addition to the 2 years already provided by the Ducati Warranty. It is valid across Australia and New Zealand without any restrictions in terms of mileage: with Factory Ever Red you will be completely free to enjoy your bike without constraints!

Moreover, the Factory Ever Red extension is linked to the vehicle and not its owner. If ownership changes then the remaining warranty coverage is maintained until the end of the selected period, preserving the value of the motorcycle over time.

Recommended prices listed below are inclusive of GST and are valid until 31/12/2021.


Factory Ever Red +12 (12 Months)


Factory Ever Red +12 (12 Months)

New Zealand

Factory Ever Red +24 (24 Months)


Factory Ever Red +24 (24 Months)

New Zealand

Panigale V4 R 

$1,449.00 AUD

$1,589.00 NZD

$2,065.00 AUD

$2,265.00 NZD

Multistrada V4

Panigale V4 


$799.00 AUD

$879.00 NZD

$1,195.00 AUD

$1,315.00 NZD




Panigale V2 


$689.00 AUD

$759.00 NZD

$985.00 AUD 

$1,085.00 NZD





$469.00 AUD

$519.00 NZD 

$685.00 AUD 

$755.00 NZD

Factory Ever Red offers:
  • Official warranty provided by Ducati Motor Holding.
  • No advance payment for repair costs. 
  • No mileage limit.
  • Coverage valid throughout Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Assistance provided by Ducati Service workshops and use of Genuine Ducati parts.
  • Roadside service throughout the warranty period.
  • More value of the motorcycle with possibility to transfer the warranty to the new owner should you decide to sell the motorcycle.
  • The coverage of the warranty is very similar to the Ducati Warranty (24 months) for new motorcycles and applies to all components of the vehicle except those subject to wear, aesthetic defects, the battery and accessories.

Do you want to learn more?

If you need more information about Ducati Warranty, on the extension program and our service and maintenance offer, please contact your nearest dealer.

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