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Intercom N-Com B 902X - Horizon helmet intercom system

Exclusive and advanced intercom system compatible with the Ducati Horizon helmet, designed to have maximum comfort during your ride. Rider-passenge...

Exclusive and advanced intercom system compatible with the Ducati Horizon helmet, designed to have maximum comfort during your ride. Rider-passenger and bike-to-bike intercom system via Bluetooth, with Smart Conference function for group conversations, Music Sharing to share music with another helmet and 3-way phone call. The system allows managing the phone and its answer, hang up and repeat last call function via Bluetooth, using voice controls and automatic transition between phone and intercom. Besides the VOX function, which allows vocally activating and deactivating the intercom, the system also offers to automatically exclude the intercom from the audio source connected during a telephone conversation, with automatic reconnection at the end of the conversation. Practical management of a double device, to be used with telephones, GPS devices and Mp3 A2DP players and providing access to the relevant functions directly from the helmet. The integrated FM radio and the mini USB cable for PC syncing complete the broad range of features. A mix of comfort and practicality, to turn every ride into an unforgettable experience.

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  • MULTITASKING AUDIO: listen to audio from multiple sources connected to N-COM simultaneously (between B902 systems only). Compatibility with Android devices; iOS devices have limited use of Multitasking Audio INTERCOM EASY PAIRING: N-Com system affiliation via QR code generated on one's own smartphone (feature available between B902 systems only) FAST CHARGE: rapid management of system charging using the USB power adapter and USB cable included in the pack (function available on B902 systems only) KEYBOARD: ergonomic keyboard design without external antenna ANTENNA: new Bluetooth antenna located at the back of the helmet, between the shell and the EPS. Antenna and wiring are already connected B902 X INSTALLATION ON Horizon V2 helmet (X-1005): microphone clip pre-installed in the helmet, the microphone is adjustable in length and there is a side flap to position the battery It interfaces with all MY2021 bikes It is assembled on the new HORIZON V2 helmet only

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