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Get the most out of your Multistrada V4

 Whether you want to enhance its all-terrain versatility or optimize it for more specific uses. 

Pick your wheels

The new double-sided swingarm makes it possible to use spoked rims on the Multistrada V4 S and Multistrada V4 S Sport. Choose between either alloy or spoked wheels according to your riding preference.


For the first time, Ducati offers you predefined sets of equipment, installed directly by Ducati: Travel, Travel & Radar, Performance and Full bring together the accessories you need to expand your Multistrada experience, guaranteeing you all safety and all the quality of the original Ducati components.  

Essential - Equipped as standard on the Multistrada V4 

The indispensable trim for your Multistrada V4. The Essential equipment is designed to enjoy the riding experience on any road, in any condition. 

Travel & Radar - Equipped on the Multistrada V4 S and Multistrada V4 S Sport as standard 

Everything you want comes standard on the Multistrada V4 S and Multistrada V4 S Sport. The integration of Radar with the Travel equipment gives the rider greater comfort and safety with innovative riding support technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection.

Performance - Equipped on the Multistrada V4 S Sport as standard 

The performance package includes a Akrapovič homologated silencer in titanium and carbon front fender for those looking for the sportiest experience.


In addition to the new factory-fitted trims, Ducati offers traditional customization opportunities through a set of aftermarket accessory packages. 

Available for all models

Radiator protections, Side trellis protection, Skid plate, LED additional lights

Available for all models

Top case, Fuel tank bag, USB cable

Available for V4 and V4 S

Akrapovic muffler, Carbon fiber front mudguard

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New Multistrada V4

Touring, Enduro, Spot and Urban: four perfectly balanced souls to make the new Multistrada V4 effective and fun in all riding conditions.

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Discover More
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