Check-in Point

Before reaching the circuit gates, you must check-in and collect your bracelets at one of the Check-in Points.

Bikers and Passengers Only

  • Parking area between Via del Mare and Via Don Lorenzo Milani, Misano Adriatico – Access from Via del Mare
  • Ducati Rimini, Misano Adriatico - Strada Statale 16 Adriatica
  • Via G. del Bianco, Misano Adriatico – Close to Milonga Verdemar, at the roundabout with Via del Carro 

Visitors Only

  • Parking area in Piazza dello Stadio Santamonica, Misano Adriatico - between Via del Carro, 63 and Piazzetta dello Stadio  

Check-in point opening hours:

  • Thursday 21 July – from 3pm to 10pm
  • Friday 22 July – from 7am to 8pm
  • Saturday 23 July – from 7am to 8pm
  • Sunday 24 July – from 7am to 3pm 
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