Explorer V2 - Full-face helmet

- Designed by Drudi Performance on Arai helmets, it is specific for enduro and off-road use - Lightweight and sturdy outer shell made of Complex L...

- Designed by Drudi Performance on Arai helmets, it is specific for enduro and off-road use - Lightweight and sturdy outer shell made of Complex Laminate Fibers is available in 3 sizes (ECE) - Air vent on chin guard and effective ventilation system through air vents that are easy to remove for cleaning - Dry-Cool® inner liner, completely removable and washable, stays dry and cool even on long trips on bumpy terrain - Shell features guides to hold the goggles band firmly in place even under extreme riding conditions

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Product Detail
  • ScLc (Super complex Laminate construction). 40% stronger than standard fibre glass in extension and bending resistance. Two layers of Super Fibre, one middle layer of special fibre. The middle layer consists of a very special material, a very strong and light chemical fibre exclusive to Arai
  • The completely removable and washable Dry-Cool® interior lining is developed for and tested in MotoGP. It uses micro water cells to improve moisture and heat transfer from the head to the airflow and dries much faster than conventional textiles. Keeps your head cooler and dryer during a long ride
  • Facial Contour System (FCS). A foam spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds makes putting the helmet on easier. The cheek pad wraps under the jaw- and cheekbone instead of mostly on the soft cheek area. FCS offers a looser fit with secure support over a larger area providing superior stability and comfort with minimal pressure
  • The Arai peak scavenges and forces air into the forehead vent ports for cooling while at the same time using multiple relief-ports to reduce “lifting” at higher speeds
  • Racing closure with D-ring fastening, with button to secure the strap
  • Ventilation. Easy-to-clean diffusers create a strong Venturi vacuum at the rear. Centre top vent for increased airflow. Under-peak air intake collects and directs cool air into the helmet. Inner chin vent shutter prevents debris coming into the helmet in dusty riding conditions. Goggle ventilation and lower side vents.
  • Mouth vent. Mounted from the outside to further improve penetration resistance. The one-piece, stainless steel mesh screen provides a durable barrier against roost while minimizing mud packing. The removable screen is easy to clean
  • Dirt removal. The elongated and rounded peak helps protect the rider from mud or other objects. The going-through vent ducts and removable rear vent also allow you to remove dirt easily.
  • Goggle band guidance. The eye-opening side trim and ridged vent ducts design allows the goggle band to sit firmly even during hard riding
  • ECE
  • Explorer goggles perfectly suit Explorer helmet. Model of reference: ARAI-ECE MX-V; USA VX-Pro 4; JAP: V-CROSS 4