Aerodynamics and NVH

Shaped for absolute comfort

Lowest frontal air exposure for comfort and stability

Ducati Corse's innovative aerodynamics research has been harnessed to allow for the most comfortable travel experience. 

The aerodynamic control allows to minimize the exposure to the front air and to divert hot flows away from the rider, ensuring the most complete protection and comfort.

Adjustable dynamic

So simple, yet so advanced. The windshield is equipped with adjustable winglets and shaped for maximum protection.

Wind cooler

Side aerodynamic bypass help deviating and controlling the air flow around the rider to improve the overall comfort.

Aerodynamic split

Redesign of the positioning of the front radiators to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.

Front Winglets

Increase stability with vertical load and improve thermic comfort by deviating the radiators’ hot air away from the rider.

Slice through the wind


Aerodynamic research has studied every aspect of the internal and external surface of the bike to maximize the protection of the rider and passenger.

The beak (with the front wing – 05), the fairing, the "shoulders" of the tank and the exit of the bypass ducts of the radiators were analyzed to reduce the air pressure on the pilot and the related vibrations.

An aerodynamic configuration that maximizes rider and passenger coverage and reduces uncomfortable and noisy turbulence. 

Thermic comfort

Aerodynamic research plays a crucial role in maintining the perfect thermic comfort too: front winglets and bypass design keep the radiators’ hot air flow away from the rider, channeling fresh air and granting the perfect temperature. 

Thermic comfort is also supported by the engine rear cylinder deactivation.

This specific function, taken from the Desmosedici Stradale model, is triggered when the engine is running at low speed, shutting off the rear bank, the one closest to the seat, improving comfort for both rider and passenger, thanks to the decrease in temperatures whilst optimising consumptions. 

Vibration control and acoustic comfort

Chassis and engine have been designed to offer the best possible comfort to the rider.

Getting on the Multistrada V4 means letting yourself be enveloped by a "bubble of silence", inside which it is pleasant to drive with the helmet open even at high speed. A condition of high comfort made possible by the combined intervention on three fronts:

  • Reduction of air flows reaching the rider and passenger
  • Reduction of mechanical noise coming from the engine, thanks to the work of sound quality
  • Reduction of vibrations thanks to the ignition order and the geometric arrangement of the cylinders typical of the layout of the V4 engine 
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New Multistrada V4

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