Streetfighter V2 | Design

Sharp Design

The base is that of the home-grown V2 supersport, the Panigale V2. But the Streetfighter has no fairings, while the design, the riding position and the character of the bike are significantly influenced by the high and wide handlebar. The Streetfighter V2 has been conceived, designed, and developed around this core philosophy. An approach that makes the guiding principle of the Streetfighter V4 more accessible, in every respect. In addition, thanks to an incredibly balanced combination of lightness, compactness and performance, the Streetfighter V2 creates a new market segment.

Sculptural and essential lines

The lightness of the bike is also visual, in that the super structures covering the aluminium “Front Frame” and the V2 Superquadro engine are stripped to an absolute minimum. A conscious decision, for a pathway that ensures the Streetfighter V2 flaunts sculpted, essential lines, where everything on display has a specific function. Even the smallest element has both an aesthetic purpose and a functional aspect, directing hot air from the radiator away from the rider’s legs for example.

The classic stylistic elements of the Streetfighter V4 are used, starting with the distinctive headlight, which recalls the V-shaped DLR typical of Ducati sports bikes and is inspired by the famous grin of the Joker

Thorough aerodynamic research and performance on a more human scale ensure that the Streetfighter V2 can do away with the wings, without compromising on chassis efficiency. And the bike is even cleaner, even more essential as a result. A Streetfighter in the pure sense of the word.

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