Helmet Exchange Promotion

Exchange your full-face motorcycle helmet (any brand) and get £100 off a new Ducati Arai crash helmet.
Ducati Helmet Exchange

Your helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you wear, it's always with you during your travel experiences. However, as time goes on helmets become loose and are less effective at protecting you to the maximum.

Bring your old (full-face) helmet to your local Ducati dealer where you will find a choice of Ducati by Arai (full-face) helmets with £100 off the retail price, and your old helmet doesn’t even have to be a Ducati one! 

This promotion is active from 25th January until 31st March 2020 at participating dealers (see below).

Helmet Exchange Dealers

The following dealers are participating in the Helmet Exchange Camapign where you can get £100 off a new Ducati Arai Helmet when bringing in your old Motorcycle Helmet into the dealership

This promotion applies to full face helmets only, one helmet only to be exchanged per new purchase, selected dealers listed on the page only, not available in conjunction with any other special offers, helmet exchanged at dealers discression

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