The "Safety & Security" plan

World Ducati Week is a large-scale event and, as such, requires a "Safety&Security” plan that public and private bodies must present for any large-scale events involving mass gatherings.  

The plan outlines a series of rules and essential checks to guarantee public safety and the observance of anti-terrorism regulations.


The following items are banned from the event area:  

  • Weapons
  • Glass containers
  • Knives and sharp objects
  • Fireworks, smoke bombs, flares, explosive materials
  • Spray cans and pepper spray, airhorns
  • Drones, remote controlled planes 
  • Laser pointers
  • Drugs, poisonous substances
  • Any other item that could cause offence


To ensure public safety, at both the circuit entrance and entrances to the external events, checks will be carried out in the following ways by staff on duty and/or local law enforcement:

  • VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: the circuit entrance will be controlled with a video surveillance system.  
  • VISUAL CHECKS and BODY SCANNERS: check points for the visual inspection of bags and rucksacks and body scanners will be set up close to the various access points (both at the circuit and outside). At these access points (particularly at the circuit), we ask for your collaboration in showing staff the content of your rucksacks/bags and removing your helmet when asked. This will facilitate the checks and reduce waiting times to a minimum. 

Parking areas are delimited and guarded. Electric scooters are not permitted inside the circuit.   

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