Start Your Engines

With many Ducati riders now starting to return to the road, here are a few helpful tips to ensure your next ride is a safe one.
Ducati Cares: Stay safe before you ride


Check your bike

If you’ve not ridden your motorcycle for several weeks, then you should inspect it before setting off.

Ensure your tyres are set at the correct pressure and ensure there are no foreign objects lodged in them that could go on to cause a puncture. You should also inspect the rims for any dings or cracks – and if running spoked wheels ensure none of the spokes are loose.

Check the forks to ensure there is no oil leak.

Check your chain tension and adjust and lube if necessary.

A Ducati Battery Charger will maintain the charge and ensure you can power up your bike.

With the motorcycle switched on you can check your bike’s low and high beam headlights, indicators, and then test the front and rear brake individually to check both your brake light and brake tension.

Move your motorcycle then look for any fluid that may have leaked onto the floor (or the fork leg) and if so, find the source.

You can then warm up the engine before checking the oil level.

Check your riding gear

As well as checking your motorcycle, make sure you give your riding kit a once over to ensure that it is safe to use. Look for loose threads on gloves and clothing and consider replacing any crash helmet that is 5 years or older.

Get the emotions going again

Finally, remember take your time to get safely back up to speed and enjoy the ride.

Your local Ducati dealer
Many Ducati Dealers have online stores for motorcycle and casual clothing, Ducati Performance accessories and gifts, while servicing can be arranged by appointment. Use the dealer locator link below to discover more about your local Ducati dealership.


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