INDIANA,46601,South bend,(IN)
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Ducati IndianapolisNorthwestern Dr. Zionsville (IN)


PresidenteMario Giorgio CavurroVice presidenteMike TaylorSegretarioBekah ThompsonTesoriereTroy Graham


Anno di fondazione2007Soci219

We are Indiana's first and largest Desmo Owners Club. Founded in 2005 by Mario Cavurro and Bryan Simms. In 2007 we became an official DOC. We are a diverse group of people from many different walks of life, but we all share one common passion - Ducati Motorcycles! Our membership is free to all Ducati owners, as of today we are 600 members strong. Mostly from the US and few in other countries: Italy, England, Scotland, Spain and Australia. We organize rides, track days, get togethers and special events. We have a strong presence at the Indianapolis Moto GP, where in the past 7 years we have executed the choreography in the Ducati grandstand along with planning and leading the Red Snake Ride. See our official website and discover the joy of being a Hooligan!