Change Paradigm

New V4 Granturismo

Change Paradigm

A compact and high-performing engine boasting a robust torque, designed to satisfy the demands of “adventouring” enthusiasts, without foregoing the excitement of a more sporting spirit. 

A 4-cylinder version, with the general layout clearly inspired by the Desmosedici Stradale model, yet designed and developed to provide ultimate ease of use and exceptional versatility. A change of paradigm that allows the new V4 Granturismo to push the former boundaries of compactness and lightness, along with the main maintenance schedule of 60,000 km.

Power at your fingertips

1160 cc. 170 hp slick, responsive and smooth-running, featuring a maximum torque of 125 Nm (12.7 Kgm) at 8,750 rpm. 

The V4 Granturismo figures clearly define its unique character: A sporting-spirit DNA, yet boasting a smooth and well-balanced output along the entire torque curve. Excellent in all conditions, perfect for all riding modes.

Tech spec Enter
The Making Of Enter
Perfect on all roads

Long distances, fast tracks, uneven routes. Designed to become the ideal motorbike for the travel-enduro world, this V4 Granturismo combines exceptional performance with ultimate smooth-running features, boasting a versatility that allows it to flaunt its character on road or off-road routes.

Designed for long distance travels

The V4 Granturismo features a new timing system designed specifically to extend maintenance schedules to up to 60,000 km

A result achieved thanks to the materials, processing and technologies developed for the desmodromic system which, when combined to a return spring valve system that is less of a strain on the components compared to the Desmo, has made it possible to obtain results that have never been achieved before by a motorcycle engine. 

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An unstoppable engine

Lightweight and compact, slick and smooth-running, sturdiness and comfort. These are the 4 pillars that define the state-of-the-art innovation of the new V4 Granturismo

A change in paradigm conceived and built to raise the Ducati sporting-spirit and push its previous boundaries of versatility and reliability.

Theorem #1
4 is lighter than 2

A V4 engine which is 1.2 Kg lighter and more compact compared to the previous V2 generation engine. An achievement that guarantees effective and reliable performance.

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Theorem #2
The Power is smooth

Up to 170 hp to achieve slick and smooth-running performance on demand. A smooth engine at low speed, great torque at medium speed and sporting spirit at high speed.

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Theorem #3
Built to travel far

The 60,000 km valve clearance adjustment interval is an absolute milestone that raises the standard of reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

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Theorem #4
The future sounds familiar

Innovative technological solutions, refined to pursue ultimate rider and passenger comfort, a key cornerstone of Ducati's DNA.

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Theorem #1
4 is lighter than 2

The choice of a 90° four-cylinder engine with a large bore, to obtain a shorter and lower engine, ideal for a high-performance bike, but which combines high fluidity and smooth-running characteristics. 

A technical choice that also translates into an exceptionally light and compact engine.


The 90° four-cylinder engine was chosen to combine extreme sporting performance with slick and smooth features, and to guarantee an instant and progressive impetus and drive on demand even at low and medium speed.


The 90° V layout of the cylinders creates a natural balancing of first-order forces without the need to resort to a balance shaft. This has made it possible to eliminate the vibrations at full capacity and consistent speeds, both during acceleration and when changing gear. Everything possible for ultimate riding comfort.

-1,2 Kg

The meticulous design of the new engine has led to a decrease in weight of 1.2 kg compared to the 1260 cc Testastretta DVT twin cylinder bike, boosting rideability and handling of the bike.

-95 mm, -85 mm, +20 mm

Compared to the DVT Testastretta it is 85 mm shorter and 95 mm lower, despite an increase in width of just 20 mm. This extreme compactness allows the engine to be placed in a more efficient and central position on the bike and achieve the ideal centre of gravity. The key asset for an efficient chassis, designed for ultimate usability and excellent rideability, whatever the riding mode.

Theorem #2: The Power is smooth

The V4 Granturismo delivers a maximum power of 125 kW (170 hp) at 10,500 rpm, and maximum torque of 125 Nm (12.7 Kgm) at 8,750 rpm. This is achieved in full compliance with the Euro 5 thresholds. 

A drive unit that translates into a smooth delivery at low speed, great torque at medium speed and sporting spirit at high speed.

1158 cm
Maximum power
125 kW (170 CV) at 10,500 rpm
Maximum torque
125 Nm (12,7 Kgm) at 8,750 rpm
Euro 5
6-speed gearbox with Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) Up & Down System
Maintenance valves interval
60,000 km
1,158 cc

The perfect blend of performance, lightness and overall dimensions. For a more compact engine yet still capable of delivering progressive power at different speeds, and the ideal drive and impetus on demand in all riding conditions.

170 hp and 12.7 kgm

A higher delivery than that of the previous Testastretta DVT, which highlights the sporting spirit of this bike and boosts its range of performance. A great torque, on demand at all speeds, and with progressive, slick and smooth delivery.

Gearbox and clutch

The 6-gear engine is optimised to exploit the exceptional power of the engine torque and ensure the ideal response even when carrying a passenger and at full load.

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Optimised fluid-dynamics

The diameters and lengths of the tubes have been specially designed to provide the best possible road delivery. The V4 Granturismo throttle bodies are controlled by a dedicated electric motor and can activate the throttles in an asynchronous mode between the two banks. This makes it possible to accomplish a positive power delivery curve at all speeds and a smooth torque which adds to achieving maximum on-road riding pleasure.

Theorem #3
Built to travel far

60,000 km: 1.5 times the earth's circumference. 

This is what the valve clearance maintenance schedule amounts to. This is the specification that describes the robustness and durability of this new engine. A figure that highlights the real benefit for the rider: more time to enjoy riding the motorcycle.

60,000 km

The know-how developed on the desmodromic system, applied to the spring timing system, has made it possible to extend the valve clearance maintenance schedule to 60,000 km, compared to a sector average of 25,000, hence less than half.

15,000 km and 2 years

Maintenance operations are reduced both in terms of costs and frequency; even the oil service and the mileage service are scheduled at very long intervals, 15,000 km and two years respectively.

Theorem #4
The future sounds familiar

The new V4 Granturismo boasts Desmosedici Stradale technologies which have proven to be extremely valid for enduro type travel. Thanks to the technologies such as the Twin Pulse firing order, counter-rotating crankshaft and the deactivation of the rear cylinders, the V4 Granturismo combines rideability, comfort and sporting spirit and a clearly distinct Ducati personality.  

Twin Pulse

The 70° offset of the crank pins combined with the 90° V-engine layout generates a firing order that Ducati has called "Twin Pulse". The result is a sound that is similar to that of a twin-cylinder engine, but also a superb delivery at all speeds, and easy to manage, especially when coming out of a bend.

Sound quality

The refining of the sound performed on the engine components, has made it possible to recreate the emotion of the typical Ducati sound and an exceptional riding comfort, with volumes and frequencies that minimise disturbance for both rider and passenger, especially on long journeys.

Rear cylinder deactivation

The rear cylinder deactivation, again taken from the Desmosedici Stradale model, is triggered when the engine is running at low speed, shutting off the rear bank, the one closest to the seat, improving comfort for both rider and passenger, thanks to the decrease in temperatures whilst optimising consumptions.

Counter-rotating crankshaft

The adoption of the counter-rotating crankshaft - borrowed from MotoGP - makes it possible to reduce the gyroscopic effect of the wheels on the vehicle, boosting handling and agility and reducing pitching when accelerating and braking. This technical choice improves both safety and riding comfort, not just on the track but also and especially for daily road use or when travelling at full load.

At the forefront in every detail.

Many other technological solutions complete the set-up of the new V4 Granturismo engine. Cutting-edge technical solutions that combine the Ducati engine know-how with the recent racing models.


The four camshafts of the V4 Granturismo engine exploit the rocker arms and move the 16 steel valves, the intake valves having a diameter of 33.5 mm and the exhaust valves measuring 26.8 mm in diameter.

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Semi-dry casing lubrication

Like the Desmosedici Stradale, the V4 Granturismo engine uses a semi-dry casing lubrication with delivery and recovery stages to ensure proper lubrication of all moving parts at all times. A technical choice first used on the race track, but ideal for ensuring maximum reliability to a road engine that also required excellent lubrication in all situations. The “high” oil sump also contributes significantly to the increase in ground clearance, excellent for urban and off-road use

Cooling system

The water pump, located in the V of the cylinders, is powered by a shaft driven by a cascade of gear wheels. Its location is designed to reduce the size of the circuit as much as possible, improving its efficiency and optimising engine weight.

“We wanted to create
the smoothest, most versatile
and robust Ducati engine ever

Vincenzo De Silvio – Director of Ducati R&D

Discover the details of the project, the design and the development process which led to the birth of this new Ducati engine. Enter the world of the V4 Granturismo thanks to highly detailed interviews and exclusive video contents.

The engine takes shape.

Discover how the new V4 Granturismo was born.

Enjoy a stunning look at the video of the new engine being assembled in the Ducati factory.

The genesis of the V4 Granturismo

Reliability, versatility and performance.
These are the pillars that guided Ducati’s engineers while developing the new V4 Granturismo.

The concepts that have guided the Ducati Research & Development department to choose solid technical solutions that provide the rider with an engine that generates an unfailingly pleasurable and thrilling driving experience.

Interview with Vincenzo De Silvio – Research & Development Director

The history of Ducati is made up of a glorious sequence of engines with technical and technological innovations. The V4 Granturismo was sparked by a basic idea both simple and complex: to create the ideal engine for both Travel and Enduro

Let’s get down to details

Fascination for materials, ultra-care for details. The new V4 Granturismo reflects Ducati's excellence in the motoring field through each and every component. A focus on detail which is in itself an expression of the engineering miracle achieved with this new engine.

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