Dallas DOC

1432 Kittery Drive,75093,Plano,(TX)
Associated Dealer

Advanced Motorsports Ducati DallasN. Riverfront Blvd. Dallas (TX)


PresidentEugene GreenbergVice presidentAaron BickleSecretaryShane Woodward


Year of foundation2018Members252

Dallas DOC is a Dallas Fort Worth area based Ducati motorcycle club founded in 2018 and centered around an active group of family friendly members who are focused on promoting the Ducati brand and engaging in events & rides in and around the DFW area. We are an active group of true Ducati enthusiasts in the Dallas Fort Worth area! We are comprised of all types of riders and enthusiasts so don't be shy. We hold weekly club bike nights and coffee meets open to all members to socialize and discuss upcoming events, rides, MotoGP/WSBK racing, new membership, growth and expansion. Dallas Desmo Owners Club is sponsored by one of the best shops in the USA, Advanced Motor Sports (AMS) Ducati Dallas.

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