Diavel V4


The unmistakable Diavel signature

The engine has always been at the heart of the Diavel concept, and in this third generation it is confirmed as a distinctive element of both style and character and performance. 

Ducati designers therefore started from the V4 Granturismo, enhancing it and making it the protagonist, then developed all the other elements that contribute to the design of the Diavel to keep its uniqueness and recognizability intact and amaze once again. 

Details that make a difference

Diavel V4 communicates an important presence from the first glance, making it impossible to go unnoticed. 

Redesigned full-led DRL

The DRL , obviously full-LED, changes shape at the front*, moving from the Omega of previous versions to a double C that will become a recurring stylistic feature on Borgo Panigale's naked bikes. 

The rear light cluster consists of a matrix of punctiform LEDs positioned under the tail, also with an unmistakably Diavel optical signature: a unique, unprecedented and spectacular solution that makes the bike instantly recognizable. 

Dynamic direction indicators* are integrated into the handlebars, in front of the brake and clutch control reservoirs. 

Passenger seat cover

The passenger seat cover is supplied as standard and easily removable, making it possible to transform the Diavel V4 from a two-seater to a single-seater with just a few gestures. 

Retractable handle and passenger footrests

The passenger can count on a spacious and comfortable seat, folding footrests that retract under the tail and a telescopic rear grab bar. Footpegs and grab bar are effectively invisible in the closed position, and together with the passenger seat cover, supplied as standard and easily installed, allow the Diavel V4 to be transformed from a two-seater to a single-seater with just a few gestures.

The muscle-cruiser for those who don't want to go unnoticed

The Diavel V4 draws inspiration from muscle cars, from the aesthetics of superheroes, and reproduces the images an athlete ready to sprint to the starting blocks. The rider-who can enjoy a handlebar that is 20 mm closer, more comfortably reachable, and the low seat, 790 mm above the ground-is at the center, with a riding position that also visually conveys a feeling of control and self-confidence, and plays a central role in the bike's image. Ergonomics also put the figure of the passenger at the center, who can count on footrests and a retractable rear grab bar to keep things as clean as possible in a single-seat configuration with a standard passenger cover seat but offer style and practicality at the same time. 


Make your Ducati Diavel V4 even more exaggerated

Configure your bike with Ducati Performance accessories to make sure you don't go unnoticed.

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