Multistrada V2 / Multistrada V2 S

Multistrada V2

Now available in Thrilling Black & Street Grey Livery

Your everyday wonder.

The Multistrada V2 is the perfect gateway to the Ducati touring universe. The ideal bike with which to enjoy every ride, versatile during everyday use and in the city.
Now available in the new Thrilling Black & Street Grey Livery, for added audacity and sports attitude.

More comfort, more enjoyment, easier to ride.


“Ducati Red” with black wheels
  • Ducati Red


"Ducati Red"with black wheels and tags
"Thrilling Black & Street Grey" livery
  • Ducati Red
  • Thrilling Black & Street Grey

All-round Multistrada

Thanks to well-considered ergonomics, reduced weight and a sophisticated chassis/engine/electronics package, the Multistrada V2 is extremely versatile, ideal for touring, together with passenger and bags, but equally suited to everyday use in the city.

Design Multistrada.
V2 style.

Learn more about the design of the Multistrada V2 from Andrea Amato, Chief Designer at the Centro Stile Ducati.

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Comfort, versatility and fun

The Multistrada V2 is a technologically advanced bike, with a sophisticated chassis and a very comprehensive electronics package, without forgetting the engine, the latest evolution of the Testastretta 11°.

Testastretta engine

The Multistrada V2 engine is the latest evolution of the 937 cm³ Ducati Testastretta 11° twin-cylinder engine with desmodromic distribution. The Testastretta 11°, 4-valve per cylinder, water-cooled Testastretta delivers a maximum power output of 113 hp at 9,000 rpm and maximum torque of 94 Nm at 6,750 rpm in Euro 5 configuration and is characterised by an excellent level of reliability and a great ability to combine performance and adrenalin with a smooth and always manageable delivery.



The Ducati engineers have paid great attention to the ergonomics. The Multistrada V2 S boasts high standards of comfort, from the 830 mm seat that makes it easy to touch the ground to the footpegs that ensure the right dexterity, even for taller riders. Ultimate practicality to ensure an enjoyable ride each and every day. The Ducati Performance catalogue includes the low saddle and lower suspension kit that, combined, allow for a seat height of just 790mm.


Reduced weight

The bike has a dry weight of 199 kg (202 kg for the S version), which ensures great handling and improved vehicle dynamics.



The Multistrada V2 chassis structure comprises a front trellis frame as well as two lateral cast subframes, closed with a rear load-bearing element in glass fibre reinforced technopolymer for maximum torsional rigidity. This, in addition to the double-sided swingarm in chill-cast aluminium.


Suspension and brakes

The Multistrada V2 is equipped with a 48 mm USD front fork with 170 mm of travel, a dedicated cast foot, adjustable in spring pre-load, compression and rebound damping. The spring is progressive, which makes for greater riding comfort even at full load. Rear wheel travel is 170 mm. On the S version, the Multistrada V2 comes complete with Ducati Skyhook Suspension EVO as standard, a system based on a 48 mm fork and rear shock, both electronic, with the possibility to adjust the compression and rebound damping in a continuous way according to an approach of semi-active control that can guarantee ideal vehicle balance and significantly boost safety and comfort. The entire Multistrada V2 family is equipped with Brembo brakes complete with Cornering ABS function. The front system stands out for its Brembo M4-32 monobloc radial callipers with four 32 mm pistons and two pads, a radial master cylinder with adjustable levers, and 320 mm double front disc with aluminium flange. At the rear is a Brembo floating calliper that acts on a single 265 mm disc.

1Testastretta engine


3Reduced weight


5Suspension and brakes

Unrivalled electronics and control

The safety, comfort and performance of the Multistrada V2 are also guaranteed with state-of-the-art electronic riding aids. The S version promises five-star travel thanks to a benchmark full option package.

The electronics package includes:

Riding Modes

The Multistrada V2 comes complete with four Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro) that act on the riding aid systems, engine mapping and Skyhook suspension (for the S version), making the character of the bike fully customisable.

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) inertial platform

The Bosch 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) inertial platform allows for the Cornering function of the ABS, which is variable depending on lean angle.

Ducati Brake Light system

The Multistrada V2 flaunts a front headlamp with an aggressive design typical of the Multistrada family of bikes. At the rear, a LED light that uses the Ducati Brake Light system (already developed on the Multistrada V4). In case of violent braking, this system automatically activates the flashing rear light in order to clearly signal this rapid deceleration to vehicles following behind, contributing to the safety of the vehicle.

On the S version, the headlamp is full LED and complete with Ducati Cornering Lights function that optimises illumination of the road through the corners based on motorcycle lean angle. The Multistrada V2 also offers automatic turn signal deactivation depending on lean angle.

Ducati Traction Control

The Multistrada V2 features 8-level adjustable Ducati Traction Control, while the Cornering ABS is adjustable according to three levels and offers the “only front” (non-cornering) function at level 1. The Vehicle Hold Control system assists the rider when making hill starts. It is activated when the user, with the bike stationary and the side stand retracted, applies significant pressure to the front brake lever or rear brake pedal and is able to hold the bike still, actively intervening on the rear brake.

Cornering ABS

Cornering ABS makes effective use of signals from the inertial platform to carefully measure the braking power of the front and rear wheel, even in critical situations and with the bike at an angle.
By interacting with the Riding Modes, the system is able to offer solutions to suit every situation, riding condition or rider requirement.

Vehicle Hold Control (VHC)

The Vehicle Hold Control allows for safe and comfortable starts even in difficult conditions such as uphill, autonomously managing the brake pressure during the start and leaving the rider to handle only the throttle and clutch.

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Experience the extraordinary

Multistrada V2: versatility, performance and a blend of pleasure and riding ease make it the perfect companion with which to experience the beauty of travel each day, even the most unexpected.
Multistrada Family

Multistrada Dynasty

In the 20 years since the birth of the Multistrada, we look back at the history and achievements of a family that has changed the history of Ducati and beyond.
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Ensure your travel experience aboard the Multistrada V2 is unique with the dedicated line of Ducati accessories.

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