XDiavel by numbers

5.000, 147, 40. Three numbers that summarise the XDiavel concept. 5000 the number of RPM at which the engine delivers maximum torque, 147 the ergonomic configurations for the rider, 40 the degrees of the angle at maximum lean.

5.000 rpm

5.000, is the point in revs where the new Ducati Testastretta DV T 1262 reaches the maximum level of torque, equal to 12.8 kgm (126 Nm, 93 lb-f t ). A particularly low rpm value for a Ducati twin- cylinder but perfect for relaxed cruising. In addition, the XDiavel engine ensures torque that is greater than 10 kgm (98 Nm, 72 lb-f t ) already at 2,100 rpm and an extremely flat curve right to the limiter. Furthermore, the extreme regularity at low rpm allows a smooth ride even at slow speeds. The maximum power is 152 hp at 9,500 rpm for impressive performance at all speeds.

147 ergonomic configurations

147 as the number of different possible ergonomic configurations for the rider, by combining the various options available as standard or as an accessory. The XDiavel can be customised like a tailored suit thanks to 7 seats, 7 footpeg positions, 3 handlebars.

40° lean angle

40° lean angle 40 degrees is the maximum lean angle that can be reached while cornering.* The XDiavel ensures dynamic performance and great riding excitement at all times. Whether the roads are long and straight or full of twists and turns. *Just one degree less than the Ducati Diavel