Essential and contemporary design

A new Monster Design

The iconic, timeless styling of the Monster enters a new era with an evolved, contemporary design. It retains its 1993 DNA: the engine as the undisputed star at center stage, topped by the unmistakable bison-back tank, with the circular headlight recessed into the shoulders and the clean, streamlined tail. But in a more modern, sporty and technological guise, designed to enhance the personality of the bike and maximize the enjoyment of those who ride it.

Please note some imagery used are of the Monster and Monster Plus models with EU specifications


It's a new chapter, made of shapes evolved in a modern, elegant and technological direction.

Maximum compactness and lightness are wisely combined with the traditional yet essential and pure lines of Ducati. In addition, each single technical feature participates, in harmony, with the design to reimagine the concept of the sport naked conceived by Ducati in 1993. Starting with the front frame, clearly inspired by the Panigale V4. 

Compact and essential

From a zenithal viewpoint, this new machine reveals all its seductive lines, namely the narrow seat, the muscular tank which widens towards the rear to meet, as a true sporty bike, the volume of the side panels.

New Full-LED headlight

The Full-LED headlight maintains the iconic, round shape, made even more evident and modern by the incorporation of the LED Daytime Time Running Light (DRL) system. The structure of the headlight also evolves, and it does so thanks to a lens that fully integrates both optical and electronic elements. What’s more, the technical elements contribute to create modern and technological suggestions.

The classic “bison-back” tank

The tank is undoubtedly the icy on the cake. Curved and muscular, as a real Monster deserves, sculpted with the classic knees area, it evolves in the sides stretched towards the front wheel, a volume that dominates the direction indicators characterized by the swiping technology.

Rear Frame

The short tail, essential and appealing, has a visible rear frame with both a structural and aesthetic function, in addition to two painted side panels inspired by the Panigale V4.

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