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Latest-generation electronics

The IMU inertial platform oversees all electronic controls of the Streetfighter V2. The IMU works on 6 axes by measuring the position of the bike in space in real time and sending the information to the control units that manage the electronic controls. All this in order to ensure maximum performance and safety

The operating parameters of each control are associated by default to the three Riding Modes (Sport, Road, Wet).

ABS Cornering EVO

The ABS system, available as-standard, can be set at three different levels to fully meet the needs of all riders, on racetrack or road. 

At level 2 and 3, the ABS system features the Cornering function, which keeps the ABS working even with the bike leaned over, thus preventing a low side crash. 

Level 3 is recommended for road riding or where there is poor grip; it guarantees safe and stable braking and keeps rear wheel lift under control during aggressive deceleration thanks to the Cornering function. 

Levels 2 is dedicated to amateur riders enjoying on-road adventure or track days. The system controls both the rear and front braking systems, keeps the cornering function on but disables lift-up control to allow harder, sportier braking. Selecting Level 2 the “slide by brake” function is activated, letting riders drift into bends.

Level 1 is not the default setting on any Riding Mode: it is recommended for on-track use by expert riders. It ensures racing-standard ABS intervention on the front wheel only. To maximise performance, both the cornering and anti lift-up functions are disabled. 

Ducati Traction Control EVO 2

The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with DTC EVO 2 traction control system MotoGP-derived, managed by the 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and adapting intervention on the basis of lean angle. 

The system offers maximum performance and safety on the racetrack and on the road. 

The predictive strategy allows not only to “cut” the power delivery after slippage, but to predict its start, thus allowing a more linear and homogeneous control. All this on the track obviously means more effective driving and better lap times. Moreover, specifically for the Streetfighter V2, also born to further boost sporty on-road riding, it also means a greater level of safety and acceleration control, whatever the asphalt condition.

In addition to controlling spark advance and injection, the DTC EVO 2 system uses, in all situations not requiring fast intervention, the throttle body valves to maintain optimal combustion parameters and guarantee more fluid engine response and control. DTC EVO 2 can be set to 8 different levels (6 for dry conditions, 2 for wet), letting riders adapt control strategy to their individual riding styles and grip conditions to maximize performance.

Ducati Wheelie Control EVO

The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with the latest version of Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO. Using the data feed from the 6D IMU, this system keeps wheelies under control while maximizing acceleration easily and safely. DWC EVO provides more accurate wheelie readings; it thus exerts more precise control to ensure the bike responds faster to rider input.

Ducati Quick Shift up/down EVO 2

DQS EVO 2 with up/down function, developed for the Streetfighter V2, exploits lean angle data to maximize bike stability when shifting gears through the corners. In addition to minimizing shift times, DQS EVO 2 allows clutchless down-changes, making hard braking more effective than ever. Extent and duration of system operation are designed to ensure seamless shifting even during extreme track sessions; during down-shifts the system works in combination with the anti-hopping clutch and Engine Brake Control (EBC). 

Engine Brake Control EVO

The Engine Brake Control was developed to help riders optimise bike stability under extreme turn-in conditions and does so by balancing the forces applied to the rear tire under severe engine braking conditions. The Streetfighter V2 EBC EVO system, optimised according to lean angle, monitors the throttle body valve position, selected gear and crankshaft deceleration during aggressive braking and adjusts throttle aperture to balance out the torque forces applied to the tyre.

Headlights and indicators

The front light unit features an extremely compact headlight, thanks to the adoption of two bi-function LED modules for low beam and high beam. The Daytime Running Light and the upper thread of the double headlamp give life to a frowning look and also represents the modern hallmark of Ducati sports bikes. At the rear, however, the full-LED headlight is functionally divided into two parts, in line with Ducati sports vehicles tradition (specifications may vary market by market).

In the event of violent braking, the Ducati Brake Light (DBL) system automatically activates the flashing of the rear light, in order to appropriately signal the condition of abrupt slowdown to the following vehicles, contributing to the active safety of the vehicle. The red double arc of the position light makes the Streetfighter V2 unmistakable, as does its aggressive gaze. Completing the lighting system are the front and rear LED direction indicators. 

Ducati Multimedia System

The Streetfighter V2 is predisposed for the use of the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), by means of which the rider accepts incoming calls, selects and listens to a song and receives SMS notifications via Bluetooth technology. While hopping on the saddle, the smartphone automatically connects to the bike itself via Bluetooth, thus allowing the biker to manage the main multimedia functions. The track of the song being played, the icon indicating the receipt of new SMS or the name of the caller are displayed on the TFT display. The audio of the call and the music are transmitted to the rider’s helmet earphones. The DMS is available as a Ducati Performance plug and play accessory.

Riding Modes

Ducati Riding Modes allow riders select among three different pre-set riding options: Wet, Road and Sport which optimize motorcycle behaviour to individual riding styles and different road conditions as well. Each Riding Mode is associated with a different setting of the control parameters. Selecting the different options the user can instantaneously change the engine souls together with the electronic controls. 

Wet Riding Mode

Wet Mode was developed to get the most on low-grip surfaces. The rider benefits of the full power of the Superquadro engine (153 hp) including a particularly progressive and manageable delivery. The pre-set level of electronic controls is set to offer maximum safety, intervening in particular on Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control, to ensure excellent grip combined with great stability.

Road Riding Mode

Road Riding Mode: the rider can count on 153 hp and a more responsive engine. The electronic controls are calibrated to better manage the performance of the bike when riding on dry road surfaces. Selecting Road RM the rear wheel lift control during braking is activated and the ABS Cornering EVO function is set to offer maximum cornering performance.

Sport Riding Mode

This Riding Mode is the most suitable for sporty adventures, both on the road and on the racetrack. This option allows in fact the rider to count on the best performance of the Superquadro, engine, achievable thanks to a Ride by Wire calibration that provides for a instant and crispy response from the engine. The electronic controls are set to be as less aggressive as possible without compromizing safety. Level 2 ABS eliminates lift-up control and activates the “slide by brake” function, the controlled drift under braking that allows the biker to safely slide the bike when entering the corner.

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