The wings have been developed for the Streetfighter V4 in biplane configuration designed by Ducati Corse specialists in collaboration with the Centro Stile Ducati. They ensure maximum stability at high speeds and when braking, they help prevent the tendency to wheelie during acceleration, limiting the interventions on the chassis to provide nimble and quick behavior in mixed conditions.

The aerodynamic development was carried out entirely with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations using a calculation method that involves stationary simulations of the motion and pressure fields with the aim of increasing the vertical force on the vehicle, particularly the front wheel.

Aerodynamic appendages

To ensure maximum stability both at high speeds and when braking and a lower tendency to wheelie during acceleration, limiting as much as possible the interventions on the chassis..

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The new fenders provide 77lb kg (+ 15.4 lb) of "downforce" at 167.7 mph, including 59.5 lb on the front wheel and 17 lb on the rear

Increasing the "anti-squat" effect

As on the Panigale V4, the swingarm pivot of the 2023 Streetfighter V4 is positioned .16 in (4 mm) higher, increasing the anti-squat action that helps the rider with greater stability, precision, and the ability to maintain the trajectory in all acceleration situations.

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Increased support under braking and cornering

Increased support in haste and cornering is provided by both the new ergonomic shape of the fuel tank and the increase in its capacity (+ 0.1 gallon).

Biplane wings by Ducati Corse

To reduce the lateral dimensions of the appendages as much as possible, it was decided to develop an aerodynamic configuration that provides two wings of reduced opening positioned in the shape of a biplane with the aim of making them work independently. The single appendage can be described as a wing with a single element and a rectangular plan, equipped with a winglet on the external lateral end. The wings have been positioned as close as possible to the front wheel (near the side radiator panels) to maximize the anti-wheelie effect.

How they work

The vertical load generated by the wings reduces the "buoyancy" of the front wheel at high speeds, the tendency to wheelie and increases stability during braking, entry, and cornering.

This dynamic behavior instils safety and limits the intervention of the electronic controls, so that the rider is led to keep the throttle open for longer as well as to brake later right into the corner, benefitting in terms of performance.

What are the benefits

The effect of the introduction of the aerodynamic appendages is 61.7 lb of downforce at 167.7 mph, of which 44 lb on the front wheel and 17.6 lb on the rear wheel. The wings also give benefits in terms of heat loss by increasing the speed of passage through the water and oil radiators, respectively by + 2% and + 10%.

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