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The new Streetfighter V4, the chassis also follows the evolution of the Panigale V4 family to offer enthusiasts stability improvements, front-end feeling and riding safety. The chassis includes a Front Frame and a single-sided swingarm, both in aluminum, with an upside-down fork and mechanically adjustable shock absorber on the V4 version.

The Streetfighter V4 S features semi-active Öhlins suspension (NIX30 upside-down 43 mm fork and TTX36 shock absorber) with SmartEC 2.0 interface, gaining versatility, effectiveness, and quickness in set-up.  

The chassis layout is complemented by the trellis seat post frame, attached above the "Front Frame" and bolted inferiorly to the rear bank head.



The Streetfighter V4 uses the "Front Frame" frame derived from the experience gained in MotoGP, which uses the Desmosedici Stradale engine with a load-bearing function.

The main difference in layout compared to traditional perimeter frames is the use of the engine as a structural element. The "Front Frame" provides a compact front structure, weighing only 8.8lb, fixed directly to the upper half-casing of the front bank and to the head of the rear bank of the V4, whose base also acts as a fixing for the rear suspension and as a fulcrum point of the single-sided swingarm.

The most important advantage of the Ducati "Front Frame" is the use of the Desmosedici Stradale engine to achieve the desired stiffness: this has made it possible to significantly reduce the extension of the main frame and its weight, obtaining a higher stiffness / weight ratio. Added to this advantage is the reduced length of the uprights that run sideways to the engine, which allowed the Borgo Panigale engineers to design a compact bike, especially in the rider's seating area.

The chassis layout is completed by the trellis seat-post frame, fixed at the top to the "Front Frame" and screwed below the head of the rear bank.

Refined suspension

The Streetfighter V4 features a 43 mm diameter Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) fully adjustable in hydraulic brake, compression and rebound, and spring preload. The fork sliders house chrome-plated stanchions on to which Brembo radial brake calipers are attached. The front package is completed by a Sachs steering damper. At the rear there is a fully adjustable Sachs shock absorber fixed on one side to the Desmosedici Stradale engine by means of a forged aluminum piece.

Rims and tires

While the Streetfighter V4 is fitted with cast aluminum wheels with a 5-spoke design, the V4 S version is equipped with Marchesini 3-spoke forged aluminum alloy wheels which provide important benefits in terms of nimbleness when changing direction and responsiveness in acceleration and braking due to the reduction of unsprung weight.

The rims are fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa IV tires, which combine track performance with versatility on the road, in sizes 120/70 ZR17 for the front and 200/60 ZR 17 for the rear.

Braking system with Brembo Stylema® calipers

The Streetfighter V4 range features the powerful Brembo Stylema® monobloc calipers which represent the evolution of the already performing M50 calipers.

The twin Brembo calipers each have four 30 mm diameter pistons that work on 330 mm diameter discs, ensuring exceptional braking power. While at the rear we find a single 245 mm disc with 2-piston caliper. The braking system is assisted by the ABS Cornering EVO system, which uses the lightweight 9.1MP control unit.

Lithium-ion battery

The standard equipment is enriched by a lithium-ion battery for the S version, 3.7 lb lighter than the previous one.


Compared to the Panigale V4, the position in the saddle of the rider, who sits at a height of 33.2 inches from the ground, has been redefined according to the specifications of a naked model. As Streetfighter culture dictates, the clip-ons are replaced by a high and wide handlebar which, together with a saddle providing 2.3 inches of padding and a less extreme position of the rider foot-pegs, guarantees sporty comfort in urban riding and the control necessary to attack extra-urban roads or the track.

The Streetfighter V4 2023 also incorporates the ergonomic improvements made to the Panigale V4 family, integrating a tank with a different shape that offers greater support for the rider during braking and cornering.

Racing tank

The tank of the Streetfighter 2023 is made of aluminum, and goes from 3.5 to 3.7 gallons with a change of conformation which, as on the Panigale V4, better supports the rider under braking and in cornering. Compared to the Panigale V4, the tank has been suitably modified in the lower area to allow the fitting of a saddle with more foam to increase rider comfort. As with track bikes, the tank has a portion of its capacity located under the rider's seat.

In the front, the space not occupied by the fuel has been used to place all the electronics, including the battery.


While retaining typical Panigale styling cues, the tail is supported by a steel frame and has been redesigned to provide greater comfort for the passenger and more longitudinal space for the rider.  

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