Ducati Revs intro text

This text would be an intorduction about Ducati Revs. Consisting of what Ducati Revs is and a brief history of what the event and what it entails.

A Ducatisti exclusive track experience at the iconic Laguna Seca race circuit following the final round of the MotoAmerica championship.

Ducati is calling for all the passionate Ducatisti to be a part of a special Ducati Revs track experience. 

Exclusive to Ducati riders, Ducati Revs California delivers the most memorable, unique track experience of 2020 and a rare opportunity to be coached by a selection of world class racers. 

Ducati REVS - Laguna Seca, October 26th 2020

This section of text would be a brief report of the event in each given Ducati Revs event. Myabe include how many people were there, names of coaches/ high profile riders and also where the next event will be.

Stay tuned for 2021 Ducati Revs calendar

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