The Red Adventure

Travel, adventure, a search for freedom and discovery: these are the engines that have always driven people to move, cross oceans and continents, climb mountains and face deserts. This is a story that exalts power and greatness, across the wild territories of Australia. 

This is a story of friendship, an adventure riding a Ducati Multistrada on some of the most beautiful and wildest dirt trails in the world. The nature of the Australian forest, sun-drenched deserts, endless beaches, kangaroos, crocodiles and parrots are the perfect setting for two bikers and their twin-cylinder motorcycles, capable of performing magic and turning the road into a journey.

A tour at the discovery of the Australian outback

A short film about friendship, an adventure riding a Ducati bikes on some of the most beautiful and wildest dirt trails in the world.

The protagonists

Luca Viglio

Milanese, born in 1974. Motorcyclist since the age of 14, passionate about cars and motorcycles. Amateur photographer and experienced traveller, he has travelled by motorcycle to all continents of the Earth. A lover of fine driving and riding, he's won trophies racing both motorcycles and cars, including two Dakar rallies, a Pharaohs rally and three International Six Days of Enduro.

Andrea Terragni

Milanese, born in 1973, lawyer and ambulance volunteer. Motorcyclist with a passion for enduro and long journeys. On his bike he has ridden thousands of kilometres across more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and now Australia.

The bikes

Multistrada 950 S

The Multistrada 950 S has everything you need for an Australian adventure: spoked wheels, tubeless knobby tyres, Skyhook electronic suspensions that adapt perfectly to any terrain, ergonomics designed for both sitting and standing and a series of original Ducati Performance accessories designed specifically for off-road riding.

Multistrada 1260 Enduro

Globetrotter by nature, the Multistrada 1260 Enduro is perfectly at ease both on asphalt roads and in fords, dirt trails and sandy soils. The long-stroke Skyhook suspensions, high ground clearance, 19" front rim and 30 l fuel tank allow long rides on any terrain. Ducati Performance accessories are the perfect complement to your adventure.

The stages

We're on the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland; see the ocean, the waves, the sand. It's a postcard setting, an endless white beach as far as the eye can see, both to the right and to the left. 

In Australia it's legal almost everywhere to ride a motorcycle on deserted beaches, so in an instant we're on the shoreline along the Coral Sea. Like living in a dream!

The gears go up one after another, and so does the speed. Multistrada bikes are always stable and precise, they float in the soft, dry stretches of sand, supported by the thrust of the engine.

On the wet sand we have eliminated all electronic controls, the robust and always available torque makes the Ducati bikes dance in epic sprints. We're in Australia, but we're reminded of that Pink Beach in Senegal, the stage of the mythical Paris-Dakar.

We're in total enduro ecstasy!

We're on the legendary Old Telegraph Road, one of the wildest tracks on the whole continent. The earth is damp, you can sense it even without touching it. The vegetation is lush, almost overflowing. There's water everywhere, the flora seems to want to grow relentlessly, and the animals that inhabit these forests are among the deadliest on the planet.

The Multistrada 1260 Enduro and Multistrada 950 S sweep through the curves, always taking them sideways on the dirt roads that criss-cross the jungle. We've freed the high-performance chassis from the electronic controls so we could have some fun. The tracks are wide, and we travel side by side at times to avoid dust.

It's Australia. Our journey continues, standing on the footpegs of the Ducati bikes that run fast and safe, sometimes standing for dozens of kilometres.

Next we head south into the heart of the Australian outback, towards Mount Isa. The temperature rises above 40°C and our water supply becomes vital. The spaces are immense, and several hundred kilometres of absolute nothing separate one group of houses from another. We're on red clay trails, long, wide, endless.

You can sense the curvature of the Earth on the horizon, and we're not in the middle of the ocean. The vastness of this land is simply extraordinary: dozens of kilometres become hundreds, and then thousands. The expanse is endless as we ride our Multistrada bikes at top speed.

Quarta, e poi quinta, e poi sesta; in piedi sulle pedane, le moto sono stabili e determinate a tenere la pista, con la ruota posteriore in un leggero e delicato spin sotto le sferzate di coppia dei motori.

It was 1986 and the Camel Trophy was held right here. We're on Savannah Way, an epic off-road trail that crosses the north of the continent from east to west. We cross ten, a hundred, a thousand fords! The Australian outback looks arid, but it's full of waterways, and only the major ones are crossed by bridges.

So to keep going you have to ride your Multistrada through the water. A quick check of the situation to assess the depth of the water, any currents, and the presence of any reptiles! 

In fact, the small but very ferocious freshwater crocodiles are everywhere, so it's best to cross the waterways without stopping. 

It's the dry season and so the fords are relatively shallow, rarely more than a metre deep. In the wet season things change, monsoons dumping huge quantities of water on the ground for weeks at a time, and the depth of the rivers, even the small ones, makes many roads of the outback inaccessible.

We're in the Top End Northern Territory, also called "Never Never Land". We're in the presence of the biggest living reptile as well as the biggest land predator, the sea crocodile: 7 metres by 1,200 kilograms, with the most powerful bite ever measured in nature. Our journey took us to Kakadu, an extraordinary natural park in the Northern Territories.

Wallabies, a kind of small kangaroo, move unpredictably and so we have to be careful, especially at dawn and dusk. We're always ready to make sudden manoeuvres with our Multistrada bikes to avoid them! The extraordinary beauty of this region is marked by millions, perhaps billions, of masterpieces of animal architecture: spectacular termite mounds bore witness to the passage of our Ducati bikes like silent dolmens.

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