Design Multistrada.
V2 style.

Interview with Andrea Amato, Ducati Chief Designer.
“We favoured a balance of style and ergonomics”

Accessibility and distinctiveness are two values that have long guided the design of every motorcycle in the Multistrada family. With the Multistrada V2, design and ergonomics are combined in pursuit of the ultimate functionality of form, respecting the family feeling and highlighting the beauty with sophisticated and exclusive elements.

We talked more about this with Andrea Amato, Chief Designer at the Centro Stile Ducati.

A fundamental concept with this bike is ease. An approach that has seen development focus on solutions that can provide greater freedom of movement, and greater confidence with the bike as a result.

“We favoured balance when it came to deciding between style and ergonomics. A concept that we’ve attempted to promote further by working on the development of the new seat and new tail section, updated to improve ergonomics and comfort.

In addition, Multistrada V2 has been refined with new rear-view mirrors, new alloy wheels that are lighter, and brake discs with an aluminium flange, refined components inspired by Multistrada V4 and that, in addition to highlighting the family feeling, also make for a 2.9 kg weight saving, which contributes to a total weight saving of 5 kg with respect to the previous model. A reduction that translates into better handling for the rider.”

Comfortable yes, but also robust and reliable. Certain details have been updated with this in mind, so as to ensure greater resistance in potentially critical situations.

“We’ve dedicated particular attention to a few specific details. The new engine covers for example, and the assembly of the brake and clutch reservoirs that are separated from the hand guards, specifically in order to increase vehicle robustness even in cases of accidental hand guard damage.”

Aesthetics will always play a part too though, with the Multistrada V2 flaunting a distinctive new livery.

The new Multistrada V2 gains sophisticated new graphics that bear the name of the bike on both sides, enhancing a colour range that comprises classic “Rosso Ducati” paired with black wheels and the new “Thrilling Black & Street Grey Livery” available for the S version.

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