Aerodynamics and NVH

Shaped for absolute comfort

Minimal exposure to head-on airflow for comfort and stability

Innovative aerodynamics research by Ducati Corse is exploited to allow for the most comfortable travel experience. Aerodynamic control means that exposure to head-on airflow is reduced to a minimum with hot air flow directed away from the rider, ensuring protection and minimising fatigue.


Adjustable multi-element windscreen

So simple, yet so advanced. The windscreen is equipped with side deflectors to better protect the shoulders. An ergonomic system that can be easily height adjusted with a finger (Ducati patent).


Aerodynamic bypass

The internal aerodynamic bypass helps create a jet of fresh air that pushes hot air from the radiators away from the rider and passenger, for greater thermal comfort.


Lateral fins

The introduction of two laterally positioned radiators maximises aerodynamic efficiency and extracts the heat in a more efficient way.



A pair of deflectors under the fairings increase the passage of fresh air to the rider, directing it towards the lower part of the leg so as to extract the hot air generated by the engine.

1Adjustable multi-element windscreen

2Aerodynamic bypass

3Lateral fins


To split the wind. In total comfort.
Aerodynamic configuration Splitting the wind

Aerodynamic research has guided the definition of every detail of the bike’s internal and external surface, for guaranteed rider and passenger protection.
An aerodynamic configuration that maximises rider and passenger coverage and reduces noisy and bothersome turbulence.
Deflettori e bypass Thermal comfort

The deflectors and design of the bypass direct hot air flow from the radiator away from the rider, channelling cold air and ensuring the perfect temperature.

Deactivation of the rear cylinder bank also contributes to the level of thermal comfort.

This specific function is activated when the bike is stationary and the engine at a minimum, shutting down the rear bank located closest to the seat to reduce heat emission.
Chassis and engine Vibration control and acoustic comfort

Chassis and engine have been designed to offer the best possible comfort to the rider.

Getting on the Multistrada V4 means letting yourself be enveloped by a "bubble of silence", inside which it is pleasant to drive with the helmet open even at high speed. A condition of high comfort made possible by the combined intervention on three fronts:

  • Reduction of air flows reaching the rider and passenger
  • Reduction of mechanical noise coming from the engine, thanks to the work of sound quality
  • Reduction of vibrations thanks to the ignition order and the geometric arrangement of the cylinders typical of the layout of the V4 engine

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Multistrada V4

The fourth generation of Multistrada is more versatile and easier to ride. Touring, Enduro, Sport and Urban: four spirits, perfectly balanced to ensure your Multistrada V4 is effective and fun in all riding conditions.

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