Trims and accessories

More and more customizable

Factory customisation, just for you

For the first time, Ducati offers a range of pre-defined trims, configured directly on the assembly line:

Multistrada V4 S Essential

Essential equipment for your Multistrada V4. The standard Essential trim already includes a range of technologies and features to ensure you fully enjoy the riding experience on any road. Choose between alloy or spoked wheels thanks to the new double-sided swingarm.

Multistrada V4 S Radar

The front and rear radar system offers the rider greater comfort and safety with innovative rider assist technologies including Adaptive Cruise Control, which adaptively maintain the distance from the vehicle in front, and Blind Spot Detection, which increases road safety.

Multistrada V4 S Travel&Radar

The Travel & Radar trim combines the front and rear radar system with everything you need to travel, from tilting rigid side cases for greater stability at high speeds to a centre stand, and heated seat and hand grips. All you need for enjoyable long-range travel.

Multistrada V4 S Full

Take your Multistrada V4 to the max. Tilting rigid side cases, a centre stand, heated seat and hand grips, and the brand-new radar system combined with the sports attitude of the Akrapovič silencer and carbon front mudguard.


A “Functionality Pack” is available only for the Multistrada V4 version, for added functions such as DQS (Ducati Quick Shift), Vehicle Hold Control and Cruise Control in the standard version.

Travel comfort Aluminium cases

The catalogue now includes aluminium cases, designed by Centro Stile Ducati and created in collaboration with Givi. With an impressive total capacity of 76 litres, these cases allow riders to carry everything they need for their trip. The cases are designed to be loaded from the top, to maximise space and facilitate loading and unloading, and are mounted on a dedicated robust subframe that supports both a fixed and tilting configuration, to suit a rider’s different needs.
Customizable seat height Accessory seats and lowered suspension kit

Available as accessories, the low seat (-30 mm) and comfort seat (+15 mm) mean that riders can choose the best configuration to suit their physical characteristics and riding style, in a range between 810 and 875 mm. Each seat can be adjusted according to two positions (+20/-20mm). A lowered suspension kit is also available (complete with 790 mm low seat accessory) and comprises fork springs, shock springs and side stand for greater confidence at low speeds while maintaining the dynamic characteristics typical of this model.
Safety Minimum Preload

Minimum Preload is a semi-automatic electronic suspension function for the Multistrada V4 S that allows for the height of the bike to be reduced so that a rider’s feet reach the ground more easily and safely when in the city or manoeuvring at low speed, particularly useful when travelling with a passenger.

Take your travel experience to the max

In addition to the new factory-fitted equipment, Ducati offers traditional customisation opportunities through a set of aftermarket accessory packages.

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Multistrada V4

The fourth generation of Multistrada is more versatile and easier to ride. Touring, Enduro, Sport and Urban: four spirits, perfectly balanced to ensure your Multistrada V4 is effective and fun in all riding conditions.

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