MotoGP Experience

The most amazing experience a rider could ever dream of, reserved only for 30 owners of the Superleggera V4.

A unique opportunity

A Ducati MotoGP is the fastest two-wheeled racing vehicle in the world. The pinnacle of Ducati Corse’s prototyping capabilities. Riding a Ducati GP is the most amazing experience a rider could ever dream of.

Take a ride on the Desmosedici GP

MotoGP Experience is another of the paid opportunities reserved for only 30 of the future Superleggera V4 owners. The program includes a day with the best Ducati instructors, a warm-up on the track to learn the secrets of the Superleggera V4 and a breathtaking finale on the brand new Desmosedici GP.

Ducati is currently working on the 2022 programmes. Information regarding dates and locations will be available soon. 

MotoGP Experience is one time only, personal and reserved for those who have paid the 20% deposit for the bike and €4,000 for the experience. Ducati will confirm each customer’s actual participation after having verified that the following conditions have been met.

Physical requirements

The participant must be in optimal psychological and physical conditions, especially with regard to the following organs and systems that are stressed when riding motorcycles in extreme conditions: musculoskeletal, osteoarticular and locomotor, neurological, visual, auditory and cardiovascular. The rider must be between 25 and 60 years old, a maximum weight of 100 kg (without equipment) and a maximum height of 200 cm. The body mass index (BMI) must be between 17,51 and 30

“BMI=” (P[kg])/(h^2 [m]) (P = weight expressed in kg / h = height expressed in metres)

Customers 60 -70 years of age in addition to complying with the admission criteria already established, there is also a 1-to-1 training session on track with a rider/instructor who can guarantee the participant's skills, to be carried out before the actual experience date. At the same time, training will be carried out on how to ride a race prototype. 

Requirements before the event:

The participant must submit the documentation required by the rules and provided by Ducati to the Experience office ( This includes a copy of the driver’s licence, the Ducati release form signed by the participant and the medical report provided by Ducati, filled in and signed by a physician. Fifteen working days before the event, the participant must have paid the balance of the Price and sent the receipt to the office.

Requirements during the event:

On the day of the event, each participant must:

• Receive clearance to participate from the Medical Centre set up by Ducati.

• Pass a short written test that shows that you have understood the information provided during the technical briefing on the MotoGP vehicle, and in particular on the use of the gear shift control, brakes and signals on the dashboard

• Take part in a training session with a riding simulator

• Receive a positive assessment of your riding ability on the track

All assessments are done at the sole discretion of the organisers.

New Superleggera V4

152,2 Kg dry weight for 234 HP (in race configuration) for this incredible product. These numbers are achieved thanks to the full carbon fiber frame and a vast use of titanium and magnesium components.

Discover it
Discover it
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