STREETFIGHTER V2 | Ergonomics and Vehicle

Ergonomics and Vehicle

Rider-centric ergonomics

The ergonomics centre around the rider and are focused on road use, while also ensuring sportiness and comfort. The high and wide aluminium handlebars replace the handlebar risers of the Panigale V2. The saddle is now wider and has new padding that contributes to making this bike even more comfortable. In addition, the footpegs have been repositioned to increase the amount of room. All these improvements allow the rider real control during sports riding while also facilitating everyday use.

Monocoque frame

The Superquadro engine is used as a bearing element connecting the compact front structure, consisting of a monocoque frame in die-cast aluminum fixed to the engine head. The single-sided swingarm, which is also connected to the engine, is 16 mm longer compared to that of the Panigale V2, a winning point which contributes to ensure the stability of the whole bike.

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Wheels and Tyres

The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with five-spoke wheels and the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tyres, size 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 180/60 ZR17 at the rear, which provide an ultra-quick response to the rider’s needs and added cornering feeling. Aside from the use of brake pads with a less aggressive bite, more suitable for road use, the entire braking system is lifted from the Panigale V2 and features Brembo M4-32 monobloc radial callipers with 320 mm diameter discs.

Braking system

Ducati braking systems are exceptional, and this is also true of the Streetfighter V2, which is equipped with an entirely radial front system (callipers and master cylinder) with M4.32 monobloc callipers that act on a pair of 320 mm discs. The rear system is also manufactured by Brembo and consists of a calliper with two opposing pistons that acts on a 245 mm diameter disc. The brake pads have a less aggressive bite than those of the Panigale V2 for greater effectiveness during road use.


To this platform are added the 43 mm Showa BPF front fork and the Sachs shock absorber, featuring dedicated calibration to make the bike more comfortable on the road as well as easily adjustable for a whole new dimension of fun on the racetrack.

Increased stamina

In keeping with Streetfighter style, the V2 version features a riding position that perfectly combines a sports attitude with heightened comfort. With respect to the Panigale V2, the position of the torse is less extreme, while a rider’s wrists are subjected to less stress. The footpegs are repositioned, for significant control during sports riding and everyday use.

The handlebar risers of the Panigale V2 are replaced with a high and wide aluminium tubular handlebar. The seat, derived from the Streetfighter V4, is 845 mm high, and is longer and wider than that of the Panigale V2, with new padding that contributes to making this bike even more comfortable.

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