Agile, responsive and perfect for daily riding. That’s how @nopain666 describes his experience with the new XDiavel. The Ducati world and that cruiser come face to face even in the desire to live the Italian on-the-road dream.

How it was living this experience?

I was completely overwhelmed when Ducati visited me at home bringing along the new XDiavel. During that day I gave my best, but the XDiavel is more 

Can you sum up your XDiavel driving experience in three words?

Ruling the roads.

How do you feel when you drive a Ducati motorcycle?

Proud to live the Italian dream.

How you be satisfied using XDVL everyday? have you some technical or practical comment?

Despite the great engine power the XDiavel offers a comfy riding position and maneuvers fairly well with sharp steering and a balanced suspension setting.

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