Being part of a big family and living the Ducati adventure firsthand. That’s the reason why @sillyheart made the choice for XDiavel. What she loves about the bike is its power and versatility, but most of all it’s the feeling of freedom that it gives her.

What did you appreciate of this experience with Ducati?

I have owned many Ducati’s in the past, I have always felt like Ducati had a great community of riding enthusiasts. Being able to experience directly with Ducati has given me a better love for the brand. From the product to us riders individual experience, being a Ducatista means to being part of a big family.

Can you explain in few words what means for you ride a bike like XDiavel?

I’ve never ridden a bike that has so much power but also a smooth ride. Perfect to power through the mountains or cruise in the city.

How is the everyday riding with the XDiavel?

Easy to navigate in the downtown area I live in, not to mention it’s curves are beautiful and I love to see all the heads turn as I ride by.

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