Disclaimer "Ducati Link App"

Ducati has always been careful about road safety and invites users to ride safely and responsibly, therefore we remind you to always:

- Check that the bike is in perfect working order and well maintained. 

- Periodically check the state of the tyres. 

- Wear and fasten a helmet, gloves and suitable apparel with approved safety protection. 

- Ride carefully. Respect the speed limits and the rules of the road. Adjust speed to the traffic and weather conditions. 

- Do not get distracted while riding. 

- Ensure that the device is suitably positioned or firmly attached. 

- Indications regarding the device's geographic position may be imprecise and the GPS localisation service may not be available in some areas or circumstances. 

- Data recorded or presented by the app may be incorrect and/or not correspond with that shown on the bike display. 

- Always check that any riding parameters and/or bike display configuration set using the app are correct. Ducati accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of data presented/recorded by the app, or for any incorrect configuration of the riding parameters and/or bike display via the app.