Starting from 2018, the Dream Tour features new contents: the classic three-day programme to the discovery of the Motorvalley now adds a fourth day dedicated to safe driving.

During the first day, after the visit at the Ducati Museum and Factory, participants will jump on the seat of their motorbikes and will reach the Modena Racetrack – Safe Driving Center – where they will have a chance to fully experiment the technical features and electronic equipment of the Ducati they have selected for the tour. The team of professional drivers and instructors will provide their experience so that participants can enjoy the best performance of the bike during the next days of travel. The experience will end with a few laps on track escorted by the team of instructors.

After this first day of learning and fun, the real journey begins: a unique and authentic experience among dreamy roads in the green hills of Romagna and Tuscany. To delight participants, the famous eno-gastronomic tradition of these fascinating lands.