Rookie Academy

Level up your ride!

DRE Rookie is the DRE Academy course for younger riders (18-25) and for those who own depowered motorcycles with A2 riding licence.
Our professional trainers will teach participants the tricks of true riders, in order to learn, develop and improve safe and fun riding.

DRE Rookie is born from a project dedicated to safety riding and expresses Ducati's desire to lead young people through the concept of riding responsibly and safely.

🏁 🏳 🏳 🏳 Beginner
🏁 🏁 🏳 🏳 Amateur

Participation in the course open only and exclusively to those who hold an A2 license.

For any need or request for information, contact the DRE office at the e-mail address dre@ducati.com.

The DRE Academy 2023 season is over. Come back to this page soon to discover the 2024 calendar.

We look forward to a wonderful DRE 2024!