A sustainable event

The 2018 edition of World Ducati Week has been certified as a sustainable event. It is an important certification, unique for an event of this kind, underlining Ducati's ongoing commitment to sustainability.

In all its activities and services Ducati has always shown particular attention to the environment and demonstrated its commitment to the rational use and optimisation of water and energy resources, as well as the production of waste. Ducati supports and encourages sustainability practices because it believes that they make a significant contribution to the company's success and safeguard its future development: this belief is an integral part of the Ducati strategy.

To meet this commitment, the Company has, among other things, adopted and implemented an Event Sustainability Management System according to the ISO 20121 standard, certified for the WDW2016. ISO 20121 is the recent international standard for certification of Event Sustainability Management Systems. This initiative has allowed us to demonstrate how an event capable of bringing together tens of thousands of passionate Ducati enthusiasts from all over the world can also be an opportunity for balanced management from an economic, environmental and social point of view, thus becoming the first certified sustainable event for two-wheeled vehicles. 

Also for WDW 2018, Ducati has obtained the ISO 20121 certification. This has been made possible thanks to a modern and organised vision in the management of sustainability policies, that sees the involvement not only of Ducati and its employees, but also of all the stakeholders in the management and execution of the event.

Inside the WDW spaces, some recycling areas have been made available, also reported in the maps delivered in the Welcome Kit. Moreover, to minimize the consumption of plastic, water battle branded with WDW logo, have been purchased by the participants in the Ducati shops located inside the paddock. In addition, water dispensers have been made available to refill the canteens.

Some measures have made the WDW more accessible to all participants: for people with disabilities, preferential lanes at the external ticket office and reserved parking inside the circuit have been provided. Furthermore, for those affected by celiac disease, it has been provided a dedicated menu at the restaurant of the circuit.

In support of the "Casa delle donne" Association, the anti-violence center able to welcome and concretely help women who suffer from violence, a neck warmer dedicated to the event has been sold at the Shop; all proceeds have been donated to the Association. 

Sustainability is also knowledge and awareness: for this reason, the WDW has provided seminars on first aid and road safety, DRE Safety Academy courses and activities aimed at raising awareness while driving.

Read Ducati's Environmental and Sustainable Development Policy to learn more. 

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Read the Sustainability Report for World Ducati Week 2018: discover the environmental, social and economic sustainability activities implemented during the event and the related results achieved.