The Misano beach becomes the WDW beach

The 10th edition of World Ducati Week presents a big new development: WDW beach

Along the coast of Misano Brasile, Ducati, the municipality of Misano and the Amisano Foundation have partnered to create a fun zone dedicated to all Ducatistas and their families. An opportunity to make World Ducati Week an event of pure fun for adults and children alike!

In Piazza Venezia and the pedestrian area of the seaside promenade a village will be erected to host a number of attractions for children and young people including a Peg Perego track, a Balance Bike area, and an area dedicated to hoverboards, electric bikes and drones. Meccano will also be at WDW beach with its construction sets, with which it will build a life-size Ducati and that will be exhibited throughout the event alongside a dedicated play area. Naturally there will also be an official merchandise area. 

WDW beach will include beach volleyball and beach tennis courts equipped with night lighting thanks to the collaboration of the Misano Municipal Sports Centre.

Services for event participants will complete the rich array of activities and spaces: the Misano Maritime Association together with local businesses will offer food and beverages with promotions and special menus for all Ducatistas. Moreover, an area will be set aside for motorcycle parking inside the "Del Sole" car park, a few steps from WDW beach. The parking will be available from Friday to Sunday, from 9am to midnight.

We look forward to seeing you in Misano with your whole family!