DRE Road Academy: Take control

Honing your riding skills and learning secrets from real pros while astride an all-new Ducati bristling with cutting-edge technology. This is DRE Road Academy, the new DRE course designed by Ducati to let all motorcyclists take firm control.

Following DRE Racetrack Academy and DRE Enduro Academy, the DRE syllabus has now been widened to include a new experience for all those looking to improve their skills and take safety and performance to the next level.

DRE Road Academy is aimed at both inexperienced riders and more expert motorcyclists. At the Modena Racetrack they'll have a great opportunity to put the latest Ducati models through their paces and try out all the latest technological innovations.

Alongside them will be riders and instructors from the DRE Academy, assisting them in a series of exciting paddock and track activities during a fun-packed, adrenalin-fuelled day dedicated to control.

For further information please contact us at dre@ducati.com.