Superstock 1000

Motocorsa Racing

In 2018, the Motocorsa Racing Team's commitment to the European Superstock 1000 championship should have been limited to some wild cards, preparing for a more stable participation in 2019. But the work of Team Manager Lorenzo Mauri and Team Principal Roberto Terenghi continued even after the official presentation of the 2018 team, thus getting everything taken care of ahead of schedule. The Motocorsa Racing Team will race on a stable basis in the European Superstock 1000 starting this season.
For the debut in an international championship, in addition to the Philippine rider TJ Alberto who has been part of the team since last season, a rider was selected who knows the championship of modified standard bikes very well and who last year often battled for victory in the intense and spectacular races of the STK 1000: Federico Sandi.