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DOC Passion.

Over 250 DOCs scattered across every continent make sure that the Ducati passion never fades. The Ducati Official Clubs are places where proud Ducati enthusiasts can meet and share their exclusive experiences, make new friends and simply have fun with their Borgo Panigale Red passion.

We asked two DOC Presidents and three members - Ange, Mattia, Zac, Lisa and Hermina - to be the spokespersons for the over 30,000 DOC members across the world.

They told us about how they live the passion of their clubs and explained why, in their opinion, the Ducati community is the best of all the two-wheel fan clubs.

DOC Zac Bacon, Sacramento DOC
DOC Ange Richardson, New Zealand DOC President
DOC Hermina Steržaj, Ducati Klub Slovenija
DOC Lisa Bennett, North Texas DOC
DOC Mattia Gozzo, DOC Rovigo President
What's better than having a passion?
Sharing it!

What's the best thing about being a DOC member?

Zac - The bond between the incredible sensation and the warmth of the Ducatisti “family” and the buzz of riding such a beautiful and well designed bike.
Ange - In my mind, the DOC is all about us Ducatisti and our shared enthusiasm! It is our passion for riding our bikes that brings us all together. And meeting people who share our obsession for Ducati. Our family!
Hermina - Meeting others who are as crazy as you are? I think this is the first thought that popped into my head when I took part in my first Ducati Klub Slovenija event. I’ll never forget it!
Mattia - The best aspect about being part of a DOC is the sense of belonging to a large family. Long-lasting friendships are made with persons scattered across the world.
Lisa - I am so enthusiastic about being a DOC member! I have met people who are now my best friends. And it's all thanks to the love we share for Ducati. Whether we ride our bikes, organise days out at the track or an evening meal together, I love spending time with my Ducati family!

What makes your DOC so special?

Lisa - On its first anniversary our DOC already had a lot of members, from all walks of life. There is maximum respect for every rider and every Ducati bike.
Zac - The generosity and warmth of our members. And the incredible nature of North California, an unbeatable scenario both for relaxing nature tours and racing top speed through the canyons.
Mattia - Each DOC is special, they each have their own characteristics making them totally unique. The spirit of aggregation, the desire to travel and our passion is what creates our special bonds.
Ange - Our team of enthusiastic, clever and talented members and the organisers of the tours, evenings and events, a reference point for all the Ducatisti in New Zealand and an example of team spirit, integrity and passion.
Hermina - We are what makes the club so special: as persons and Ducati enthusiasts. Different individuals united by a common passion...a touch of craziness!

In what way does Ducati make you feel part of a family?  

Lisa - The DOCs are always inspired and encouraged to create new communities across the world. We DOC members are in love with these amazing bikes, and naturally we are always excited to be able to meet and chat with others who share our same passion.
Ange - As the President of the DOCNZ I am extremely grateful for the support received from the DOC Division, always ready to share ideas, stories and opportunities. Always ready to embrace us and the entire family!
Hermina - The World President Meeting is the best meeting I have ever been to. It's full of Ducati enthusiasts. And then there is the World Ducati Week which is practically a sacred event for us!
Zac - We highly appreciate the time and effort Ducati gives to organising events of all kinds and lots of opportunities to keep us all up to date. Ducati is always ready to support us Ducatisti: it makes sure we have fun every time we ride our bikes and that we have networking possibilities with the other members.
Mattia - Sharing of experiences. Ducati always manages to make you feel involved and an active part of all its projects.

Final question: why Ducati?

Hermina - Because the Monster was the first bike I ever sat on, and I knew from the very start that it would have to be mine. Then the first racing bike I noticed was the 999, and the first one I fell in love with was the 1098. In short, Ducati because it changed my world.
Zac - Have you ever seen or heard the bikes?!? No, seriously, you only have to stand near the exhaust of a Ducati to recognise it. It touches you deep inside, and once you've heard it, you’ll never say no.
Lisa - Because it's not only the amazing bikes. There is an entire community of motorcyclists and enthusiasts in all corners of the world who promote this incredible brand.
Ange - Because Ducati manages to encompass a legacy of quality, refinement and superior standards of performance, all combined by a touch of utmost style.
Mattia - Because Ducati is the number 1. I have never had another bike, and I don't want one. Ducati steals your heart. When you buy a Ducati, you don't just buy a bike, you buy a whole world to go with it!

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