The design of the new Panigale V4

The essence of the design of the new Panigale V4 as told for the first time by Andrea Ferraresi, Design Director of Ducati.

The arrival of the V4 at Ducati’s is an epoch-making turn. How did you accept the challenge at the Style Centre?
Andrea Ferraresi: This has been a double challenge. First of all, we had to make a bike stylistically worthy of the Panigale name. Then we knew that passing from 2 to 4 cylinders would inevitably bring with it a larger size of the engine. The Ducati bikes, and in particular sport bikes, have the advantage of being very small in a front sight, for the very reason that they exploit the cross compactness of the V two-cylinder. So we said: let’s see how smart we are at designing a bike as compact and beautiful as a Panigale even if, inevitably, the engine has a larger size. The result? Our 4-cylinder is still the most compact of this segment!

How was the initial mood at the project?
Focussed and tense. We put five designers to work at this project, who have carried on a kind of internal competition. From the initial group, that started from the first drafts, we passed to two designers, then to the winner … and lastly we came to the bike! Designing the new Panigale is a great responsibility, but a great prestige also comes from it and Julien has taken this great work upon himself with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Did you ever assign five designers to a single project?
No, this is the first time. With the previous Panigale we stopped at four. It was a long and demanding process, also because each designer was proposing not only a different design, but also different engineering package solutions, to be carefully examined with the engineering department.