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Ducati riders share a secret.
It’s called Desmodromic valve control. An engineering solution found on only one motorcycle – Ducati. Most motorcycle engines rely upon conventional springs for valve closure, but as rpm increases, the time taken for the spring to close the valve becomes critical. Failure of the valve to follow the precise profile of the camshaft results in loss of performance. Ducati's Desmodromic valve system eliminates the spring and actuates valve closure mechanically. The result is safe, exact valve timing at all engine speeds. Every Ducati motorcycle, including our World Superbikes and the MotoGP Desmosedicis rely on the Desmo system.
When Ducati races, so does the entire family of Ducati fans worldwide – Ducatisti all.
To feel part of a dynasty of champions, to experience the excitement when a Ducati lines up on the starting grid.... this is the pride of Desmo. For Ducati's engineers thinking outside of the box is a way of life. The L-twin engine with Desmodromic valve system and sophisticated electronics that control the riding dynamic with different Riding Modes are technical solutions stemming from Ducati's heritage, the base from which all of these exciting, high-performance bikes are conceived. Frontrunners in the prestigious MotoGP and World Superbike championships, Ducati bikes transmit passion with every lap of the track.
With unmatched experience in the design and racing of twin cylinder motorcycle engines, Ducati has raised the L-Twin to an engineering art form.
Since its historic debut in 1972 to today’s unmatched record of World Superbike Championships, Ducati L-Twin power dominates. The perfect 'primary balance' of the 90° L-Twin and its low centre of gravity combine with the well centralised mass and low gyroscopic effect of its narrow crankshaft to ensure a motorcycle with a light feel and a natural response to rider input. The L-Twin’s big bore, short stroke design and power pulse frequency delivers tractable drive. Desmodromic valve actuation, fuel injection, computer engine management and Testastretta technology keep Ducati ahead of the pack.
Standard equipment on every Ducati is the unique and throaty L-Twin exhaust note, cited by owners as one of the key reasons to own a Desmo Twin.
The sound is unique thanks to the 90° L-Twin engine configuration, intake 'howl'and exhaust system design. The unmistakable sound of Ducati is a symphony of internal combustion.

Listen to the unmistakable sound of the L-twin cylinder!
Ducati designs the most stunning motorcycles in the world.
Our passion is to design bikes that matter, bikes that set the style with a balance of form and proportion that remain timeless. The sheer beauty of Ducati motorcycles turn the heads and race the hearts of enthusiasts throughout the world.
Discover how a Ducati becomes a masterpiece: click here!
Exploiting what it learns at the tracks and motivated by the endless challenge to improve performance, Ducati has developed engineering solutions that, applied to the suspension set-up, have resulted in innovative frames that dominate in the world of competition.
The iconic Trellis frame that characterises almost all Ducati models is synonymous with sporting tradition. The frame is lightweight and rigid, beautiful yet functional, thanks to the ingenious Trellis design and high quality ALS 450 steel used to build it. Each tube is mitred and micro-fusion welded to form a triangular structure that becomes the robust crankcase of the L-twin, a 'stressed member' of the chassis.
Ducati has also revitalised monocoque technology in the exciting MotoGP championship. The monocoque frame, fused in aluminium to increase resistance, is fixed directly to the cylinder head that becomes a structural part of the bike. This results in a significant weight reduction that translates into heightened performance and agility.

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