Together we ride

Stories of adventures on the road and on track, to relive the most intense emotions, and stories of those who, like you, share a passion. A passion that beats, a passion that keeps us going. Our journey continues. And we live it by staying together, as always.
Travel Adventure

 The desire for adventure has no boundaries: from Europe to India, wonderful roads to plan your next trip.

Day 1 From the seaside to the mountains
Antibes – Verdon, 114 km
Day 2 The highest tarmacked road in Europe
Verdon – Col de la Bonette, 185km
Day 3 The “little Venice” of France
Barcelonnette – Basilea, 580km
Day 4 The smells of Black Forest
Basilea – Stuttgart, 310km
Day 5 Exploring Bavaria
Stuttgart – Munich, 280km
Day 6 Comeback in Italy
Munich– Staller Saddle, 236km
Multistrada 1260 Enduro Across the United States
Diavel 1260 "The Way Out" - New York

The Way Out | New York beyond Manhattan

The soul of New York is told in this story through the faces and stories of those who live the city outside of Manhattan riding the Diavel 1260!

Croatia Episode 01
Croatia Episode 02
Croatia Episode 03
Croatia Episode 04
From Pag to Mali Alan

Croatia Wild beauty, authentic adventure

The Multistrada 1260 Enduro takes you to Croatia, travelling an extensive network of dirt, asphalt and dusty roads. An endless territory where the Multistrada 1260 Enduro is free to express itself to the maximum.

Discover the Multistrada 2020 range

Racing Experience

   Lots of ways to deal with the folds on the track or "live the track". 

Superleggera V4
Panigale V4 2020
Panigale V4 R
Panigale V2
Monster 821 stealth
Streetfighter V4
Hypermotard 950
Racetrack Academy

New Panigale V4 2020

The improved overall vehicle stability thanks to the new chassis set up and electronics enhances the rider’s confidence. Ready to learn The Science of Speed on the new Panigale V4 2020?

Discover it
Discover it
Beauty of design

 Refined and essential bikes, designed to maximize performance.     

Streetfighter V4
25° Anniversario 916
Panigale V2

New Superleggera V4

152,2 Kg dry weight for 234 HP (in race configuration) for this incredible product. These numbers are achieved thanks to the full carbon fiber frame and a vast use of titanium and magnesium components.

Discover it
Discover it
People of Ducati

Faces, voices, stories. Ducatisti all over the world tell each other, sharing their experiences and passion with you. 

Andrea Rossi
Marta Massera
Filippo Polidori
Casey Stoner
Alessio Bertallot
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