Environmental sustainability

The protection of the Environment

Through their activities, companies may produce an impact of varying proportions on the environment, for instance by polluting water, the air, by generating waste. Ducati is committed to mitigate the potential environmental impacts generated by its activities, without neglecting any of its main business areas .

Ducati identifies the sustainability guidelines to manage the planning and the activity organization within the Environmental and Sustainable Development Policy, incorporating the Group's principles and environmental strategy.

For more information on sustainability and environmental protection in Ducati, please contact us: environment@ducati.com

As part of its corporate strategy "TOGETHER - Strategy 2025", the Volkswagen Group is taking the next important step towards becoming a fully sustainability-oriented company and adopting a new Group Mission Statement Environment "goTOzero"

“goTOzero” concentrates mainly on the four fields of action (climate change, resources, air quality and environmental compliance) providing strategic orientation for the numerous environmental programs at Group and brand levels. With regard to climate change, the goal is to become a CO2-neutral company by 2050.

The company has also formulated an environmental policy for its environmental decision-making as well as for project management and environmental performance policies that defines principles for five key issues: leadership, compliance, environmental protection, stakeholder engagement and continuous improvement.  

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