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Imagine the warmth of a big family and the bright colours of flags from different countries coming together. 

Imagine enjoying new experiences, exploring breathtaking landscapes, participating in exclusive events and spending unique moments riding your bike in the company of those who share your passion. 

Imagine a large community that every day chooses the red of Borgo Panigale to colour its days. 

Now you can stop imagining. All this already exists. 

Join a Ducati Official Club and start making your passion a source of pride! 

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DesmoOwnersClub Thursday Bike Nights - Alternate Location
Monthly Social Gathering providing members the opportunity to ride their Ducati's to meet for a pizza dinner and social time.
DesmoOwnersClub Monthly Breakfast Meeting
Monthly Breakfast Meetings to review upcoming and recent events, introduce new members and provide social interaction for members
DesmoOwnersClub Ducati Riding Academy
Strike new sales and potential leads from the 19 participants. Continuous promotion in safety riding, proper riding gears and disciplinary actions whenever you’re on the road. Implement the Globa...
DesmoOwnersClub Official DOCP Rides
Official Breakfast Rides, Bike nights with Ducatisti on a monthly basis.
DesmoOwnersClub Doc Sorrento.
Uscite domenicali ogni domenica di fine mese
DesmoOwnersClub Doc Sorrento
Info per eventi
DesmoOwnersClub Saturday Morning Coffee
Saturday Morning Coffee and Ride Truro see forum for details
DesmoOwnersClub Dealership Test Rides
Monthly Test Ride event of dealerships to increase sales.
DesmoOwnersClub Coffee Night in Canada
HRM Weekly Coffee Night All welcome
DesmoOwnersClub Saint John Coffee Nights
Coffee with the crew west side Starbucks All Welcome
DesmoOwnersClub Trip buties of Slovenia
2 trips around Slovenia and sightseeing of Slovenian beauties (Gorenjska, Primorska,...)
DesmoOwnersClub New Model Launches
2022 New Model Launches
DesmoOwnersClub Around the world in Indiana
DesmoOwnersClub Sunday Rides
join us for our weekly Sunday Run various destination's All Welcome
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Ducati Official Club: live the passion and share it!

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