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World President Tour and Meeting. Sardinia Edition.

A travel diary from an event that has been bringing the world’s Ducati Official Club Presidents together for more than twenty years.

Read the travel diary
Read the travel diary

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Ducati Official Club viaje moto gp san marino 2024
1ra reunion de planificacion
Ducati Official Club DOCHK birthday party
DOCHK birthday party - celebrate all members birthday , have 4times for year in Feb, May, Aug and Nov
Ducati Official Club Weekend Rideouts
Weather permitting we will be out on our bikes every weekend between March and October 6th of this year.
Ducati Official Club Visita Museo Ducati
Da definire
Ducati Official Club Trip to the Aosta-Area
7 days trip through the Aosta valley
Ducati Official Club TDW 2024
una settimana in moto nelle foreste della Turingia
Ducati Official Club TDW-2024 We rock the German Midlands
Ducati Riders from all over Germany meet at Thuringia to rock the roads.
Ducati Official Club Ducati North East India trip
South and North India DOC group is planning to come together and ride to Eastern part of India
Ducati Official Club Euro Bike Night
Evening motorcycle gathering of European bikes and their owners.
Ducati Official Club DOC Bike Night
Bike Night
Ducati Official Club Passeio Chapada dos Veadeiros
Final de semana na Chapada dos Veadeiros entre os integrantes do DOCGO
Ducati Official Club Reykjanes
motorbike round trip
Ducati Official Club DOCGB Welsh Merlin Rally
This is the first of the official Ducati Owners Club GB Rally's   The iconic Merlin Welsh Rally great laughs, great entertainment & amazing roads to ride.   For just £48 per person you have 2 night...
Ducati Official Club Club Evening
Monthly meeting of the club members
Ducati Official Club Ducati's in the Black Hills
We have planned an exciting trip into the Black Hills of South Dakota from June 22nd to June 29th 2024, we will be staying at the Four Points in Deadwood https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/rapfp...
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