Dream Wilder

On December 9th get ready to unleash your imagination

Take your wildest dreams and make them come true. Bring a few friends and get ready to enjoy the ride of your dreams. That’s a life worth living. 

DesertX will take you all the way.

DesertX The rider and the engineer: Antoine Méo & Pierluigi Zampieri
DesertX Let the adventure flow.
DesertX Get ready to Dream Wilder.

Let the adventure flow. DesertX is equipped to bring you across your wildest imagination. 

Get ready to dream wilder.

Antoine Méo & Pierluigi Zampieri.
The rider and the engineer.
The talent and the brain.
Friends and enduro world champions.
DesertX is made to spring stories and this is a good one.

December 9th, 4:00 pm CET

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