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Discovering Sardegna

An immersive experience in the magical Sardinian inland, along an itinerary that cuts across the northern part of the island from east to west.
Immersed in Northern Sardinia

Alessandro Broglia takes us with him once again. With his travel log, he tells us of a more private and hidden Sardinia just waiting to be discovered...because the real Sardinia is inland!

Following an itinerary that touches some magical places in the Sardinian countryside, cutting across the north of the island from east to west. Guiding a group of Ducatistas registered for the DesertX Expedition, he travelled miles and miles of winding, scenic roads. A mix that appeals to any motorcyclist.

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Briefing Olbia

Olbia, situated by the sea, welcomes us on a bright early September afternoon. In a short time we reach the hotel, where our brand new, white and still immaculate DesertX bikes await us.

The briefing soon turned into an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and tell the rest of the group about their love of motorcycles. Some of us are die-hard Ducatistas, while others have never ridden a bike produced in Borgo Panigale. In the air you can immediately sense the passion that drives the large Ducati family.

Onwards to Budussò

With the preparations completed, we finally set off. We leave the main road for a dirt track that immediately gives us a hard time: the numerous ups and downs are tough on our arms. The dryness of the area – not a drop of rain has fallen for months – complicates matters: the ground is dusty and quite slippery. Even visibility, as you can imagine, is not the best in these conditions.

Several stops for snacks along the way, on the other hand, allow us to appease our hunger. Among these, it’s impossible not to mention the welcome we received from the shepherd Ignazio, who literally opened the doors of his sheepfold and at the same time those of the real Sardinia, a land of shepherds and animals where time is marked by their needs.

We set off again, with the Budussò wind farm as our backdrop. The sun is beating down, but fortunately a cool breeze blows through the mountains we cross. Breathtaking views, but the rides offered by our bikes are no less impressive!

De André's house

We set off early in the morning, following trails that we were told were part of the route of the Sardinian leg of the World Rally Championship: miles and miles through the most unspoilt nature, cutting across the northern part of the island. We stop for lunch in an enchanted place surrounded by greenery, which immediately captivates us just as it captivated a famous singer-songwriter who chose this very place as his home many years ago: Fabrizio De André. Eating in what used to be his home, with his music playing in the background, is truly evocative.

However, we can't afford to be lulled by those timeless notes for too long as we still have half a day of enduro to go.

In the late afternoon we finally reach Castelsardo, a beautiful village perched on a promontory perpetually battered by the waves.

It’s time to return to Olbia.

This morning's route is smooth and incredibly scenic. Everything seems to proceed without a hitch, but there are still a few surprises: on the way back we meet up with the shepherd Ignazio, who is waiting for us for lunch with a succulent barbecued piglet. We eat surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and nothing more, immersed in a silence broken only by the chirping of cicadas: what a show! 

In the afternoon we continue on our way to our final destination reaching our hotel, where we are joined by a strong mistral wind blowing across Tavolara Island. 

And now a good aperitif and a hearty dinner are all we need to regain some strength after these intense three days!

Next stop?

Some of the group are staying in Sardinia for a bit longer, while for me it's time to go start thinking about organising the next DesertX Expedition together with the Ducati team.

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