The Italian Republic honors Ducati, a symbol of Made in Italy excellence, with a series of commemorative coins

Among the issues of the new 2024 Numismatic Collection minted by the State Printing and Minting Institute, which was presented yesterday at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, are the silver coins dedicated to Ducati, created to honor the sporting successes achieved by the motorcycle manufacturer during 2023, the overall ruler of the MotoGP, Superbike and Supersport World championships, and the unique value of Made in Italy of which the Company is ambassador in the world.

The Numismatic Collection of the Italian Republic narrates the fascinating heritage of the Country through coins that enhance and seal Italy’s collective memory and identity. In this narration, Ducati affirms itself as an icon of "Made in Italy" excellence as well as the highest expression of Italian sporting elegance, recognized worldwide for the creation of motorcycles that are the result of a magical combination of technology and beauty, capable of delivering extraordinary performance and arousing unforgettable emotions both on the track and on the road.

The presentation event, introduced and moderated by Italian TV presenter Mara Venier, was attended by Economy and Finance Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, State Printing and Minting Institute President Paolo Perrone, State Printing and Minting Institute CEO Francesco Soro, and Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali.

Curated by artist Antonio Vecchio, the commemorative silver triptych consists of three 5-euro coins showing on the front sides a historical view of the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale (Bologna), on the right the brand logo, and around the scene the inscription " Repubblica Italiana".

The reverse of the coins, instead, alternates between three distinct designs, offering an overview of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer's evolution through its most significant motorcycles. Specifically, the first shows the 1949 Ducati 60, the first Ducati motorcycle entirely produced in Borgo Panigale. The second has as its subject the Ducati 916, the masterpiece created in 1994 by designer Massimo Tamburini that, even today, is considered as the symbol of beauty applied to two wheels. Lastly, the third reverse portrays the iconic Panigale V4, which represents the most technological and sophisticated superbike in Ducati's range. In the triptych version each of the three bikes is painted in Red, Ducati's signature color. Coins sold individually, instead, will have the coloring on the obverse, which means on the Ducati logo.

The coins feature the year of issue 2024 on the right. At the bottom are placed the numerical value of 5 Euro and the identifier of the Rome Mint, represented by the letter "R." On the left side, in the lap of the coins, is placed the signature of the artist "A. Vecchio," while at the top, in a curvilinear way, is engraved the inscription "Ducati."

The coins will be issued on June 20 and will be available for purchase starting March 5 on the IPZS website.