Events Calendar

October 2019
Go live Ducati World Première 2020 - Live streaming
Desmo Owners Club DROC Long Ride - Julian - Borrego Springs
Pie town it is waiting for us again. Let's go for a Julian-Borrego Springs 2.0 and enjoy a nice p...
Desmo Owners Club Desmo Friday
November 2019
Desmo Owners Club DMC Bike Night
Monthly Gathering of Ducati Midnight Club
Desmo Owners Club November Meeting / Dinner
Desmo Owners Club Music City Desmo at Italia Cars, Motorcycles & Coffee
Bring you Ducati and display it along with a great collection of Italian Cars and Motorcycles. If...
Exhibitions Motorcycle Live
Ducati Grandstand MotoGP Grandstand Valencia
Desmo Owners Club November Monthly Meeting of the Music City Desmo Owners Club
This is the monthly dinner meeting of the Music City Desmo Owners Club. Dinner will be provided. ...
Desmo Owners Club L-TWIN RIDE 2019
Exhibitions Thailand International Motor Expo 2019
December 2019
Desmo Owners Club PRANZO DI NATALE
Desmo Owners Club Desmo Friday